Waitrose’s illusion Easter eggs for 2020 are about to blow your mind

We may still have a couple of months to go before Easter, but that hasn’t stopped supermarkets from rolling out their selection of Easter eggs – the latest being Waitrose & Partners.


Spring Lemon, £3, Waitrose

The retailer has has teamed up with none other than king of food illusion, Heston Blumenthal to create an amazing range of eggs that’s have you doing a serious double-take at first glance.

Waitrose lemon egg

Within the range are two standouts, one of which is the Spring Lemon. The delicious chocolate treat is made of white chocolate infused with zesty lemon flavours and very impressively, looks exactly like an actual lemon. With its puckered ‘skin’ and leaf decal, it’s crazily believable until you take that first bite.

Waitrose Easter eggs 2020

The second, is a selection of four luxury white chocolate eggs that look identical to a real freshly hatched egg. The small eggs have a soft brown shell, and have been layered with fresh banana purée ganache and dark chocolate caramel ganache – a soft and sticky two-tone banoffee centre that resembles an egg yolk. So not only are they genius works of art,  but they taste just as good as they look.


Heston from Waitrose & Partners 4 Eggstraordinary Chocolate Hen’s Eggs with an Indulgent Banoffee Centre, £6, Waitrose

Visual trickery aside, the exciting range also includes hand decorated Squiggle Eggs, which are available in three delicious flavours including Dark Chocolate and Orange, White Chocolate with Raspberry and Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel.

waitrose squiggle Easter egg

Squiggle Eggs, £7, Waitrose

Then you have the Chocolate Animals which consist of an adorable white chocolate elephant and milk chocolate lion.

Waitrose animal egg

Chocolate Animals, £6, Waitrose

Even the famous avocado egg of previous years is back, this time in the form of a trio of chocolate shells filled with rich and creamy ganache – you can choose from raspberry, passion fruit and milk chocolate flavours.

Waitrose avocado Easter egg

Baby Chocolate Avocado Trio, £5, Waitrose

Kate Kind, Confectionery Product Developer for Waitrose & Partners, commented on the new launch, saying:’This Easter we’re offering shoppers our most playful and colourful creations to date. In this year’s collection, we’ve focused on the art of illusion – a play on the unexpected, and the trend for fruity confectionery. We hope that shoppers will have as much fun tasting these treats as we had creating them.’

That’s Easter sorted then!