Vogue Williams talks skincare battles, high-street shopping and life as a new mum

Irish model, TV presenter and now mother-of-one, Vogue Williams, has had a busy year to say the least. But despite working on her series of documentaries for RTÉ2, being an active advocate for anxiety and raising her new baby boy, Theodore, alongside husband Spencer Matthews, the stylish 31-year-old always looks immaculate.

So what exactly is her secret? Here, the star opens up about the skincare she swears by (following a tough skincare battle), life as a new mother and what she and Spencer have planned for Christmas this year.

Congratulations on the birth of baby, Theodore. What has been the most challenging thing about motherhood so far?

Thank you so much. Theodore is really an amazing baby so [Spencer and I] are not finding anything too different at the moment. It’s just like he’s always been here already – although breastfeeding can be quite time consuming! It used to be a bit difficult in the morning but it has kind of just become normal for me now.

We’re sure you’ve received a lot of advice since giving birth. Who has given you the best baby tips?

The only advice I really try to take is from my mum or Spencer’s mum. Personally, I wouldn’t give any new mothers any advice because you just have to go with your natural instincts. I think you will always know what is best for your own baby.

You’re obviously very stylish. Is there a particular trend you’re loving at the moment?

I love autumn because it’s an excuse to wear all your coats and cashmere jumpers. I love layering up so winter fashion is definitely my favourite. I have a crazy jacket obsession, it’s disgusting the amount of coats I have but I absolutely love them. I have one from about ten years ago that I absolutely love and can’t get rid of.

I’m also quite mad about sequins at the moment. I never was a sequin fan before but I love labels like Rixo because they do really fun dresses. I just got a really cool We Are Leone full length sequin coat and it’s absolutely amazing. Sequin and leopard print are my go-tos at the moment.

Do you have any favourite high street brands?

I think high street brands are absolutely amazing. I mainly shop on the high street to be honest – I only have the odd designer item. I love H&M, Topshop, Zara, River Island’s always great. & Other Stories is amazing too, and Anthropologie.

What is the one staple piece you keep in your wardrobe at all times?

My leather trousers. I wear them to death. I’ve got a few pairs but my favourite are a pair I got six or seven years ago. At the time I didn’t have much money and they were like $500, so it was the biggest purchase I had ever made on clothes and I’ve literally worn them to death every single year, so it was definitely worth the investment.

Where is your go-to for skincare and beauty products?

I’m quite particular with my skincare to be honest. I’m very careful with what I use on my skin because I actually went through a phase a few years ago where I randomly got acne. It came out of nowhere and I only just recently got rid of it two years ago. So I do spend a lot of money on skincare now because I’ve become quite obsessed with it. I love brands like Dermalogica and IMAGE skincare.

I also absolutely love La Mer’s Crème de la Mer. I use it when I’m travelling and for instance now in the winter because I always find that my skin gets really dry and it just does wonders for it.

Talk me through your bedtime beauty routine

I always take off all my make-up. Then I exfoliate – which I do every third day – before applying a serum and a really good night time moisturiser, and some under-eye cream as well. I’m using an amazing one by Dr Maryam Zamani at the moment. I think once you’re over the age of 25 you should invest in one.

I also do a face mask at home twice a week; I think you can get such great at-home face masks. But my favourite thing to do is to go out and get a facial.

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews
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Christmas is right around the corner. What are your plans for the festive season?

Last year, we were in Scotland with Spencer’s family and this year Spencer’s coming to Ireland for Christmas with my family. For the first time, we’re all going to a hotel together for three days over Christmas. I’m really looking forward to it because it just means we can all be in the same place at the same time and we’ll get to spend so much more time together. My brother has a new baby and he’s got a little daughter as well so there’s going to be three kids at our Christmas. It really makes a difference when you’ve got little ones there.

Finally, what are your goals for 2019?

I’m actually working on a couple of TV shows at the moment so they won’t be finished until 2019. I’ll probably also be doing a few more of my documentaries next year, it’s going to be a really busy year. I’ve got a lot of things that I’ve wanted to do that will potentially happen too – but I don’t want to tell anyone in case they don’t!

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