This viral TikTok video shows how blusher can completely change your face shape

We all remember the contouring boom of the 2010s, using make-up to sculpt our facial features and define our bone structure. It’s actually a make-up technique that has existed in some capacity for centuries, but thanks to various make-up artists, beauty brands, and celebrities, it’s a technique that’s seen a huge revival in recent years.

When you think of contouring, you probably think slanted brush, powder or cream bronzer, maybe a sweep of highlighter. But a TikTok video is going viral for showing how blusher can totally transform the shape of your face.

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TikTok user Isaac Halvorsen (@isaachalvorsen7) shared a video entitled: ‘Blush placement literally changes your entire face shape’, which has garnered a staggering 2.2 million views

Isaac says: ‘I see a lot of beauty influencers applying their blush right on the apples of their cheekbones, so I see like Nikki Tutorials and Jacyln Hill applying it right here.

‘And it looks absolutely stunning on their face shape, but I find that this really drags down my face.’

On one side of his face, Isaac uses a fluffy blusher brush to apply a coral-pink blush from Milani to the apples of his cheeks, where we all typically apply blush.

But then Isaac uses a different blush placement on the other side of his face. ‘Instead, I’m going to apply my blush and I’m going to focus it right on the back points of my cheekbones.

‘You can even bring it up into your temples if you feel – I really love this technique.’

Isaac is right, you can see that one side of his face is certainly more lifted and his bone structure more sculpted, whereas the side with the central cheek placement does appear more dragged down.


Milani Baked Blush, £11.50, Boots 

We’ll definitely be trying this technique as a more subtle and natural-looking contouring technique to bronzer, which can sometimes be a little heavy.