This European destination is the best city to visit over Christmas

Are you planning a European Christmas getaway for you and your loved ones this year? If you’ve not yet done your research, fear not, because a new survey has revealed the top spots to visit during the most wonderful time of the year.

best cities to visit for Christmas 2019
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According to the research, some popular cities are much more suited to the festive season than others, meaning a destination that may be popular any other time of year, may not be the place to visit during Christmas. And similarly, some cities peak during this time. So where is the best place to book in 2019?

According to DayBreakHotels, it’s Vienna that’s the number one city to visit for Christmas.

The holiday booking site gave the Austrian capital the title after analysing nine major European hotspots indulging London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Brussels, Prague, Vienna, Edinburgh and Manchester. They then compared each city based on the weather, the quality of their Christmas markets, and the average cost of hotels, dining out and flights departing from London.

best cities to visit for Christmas 2019
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Ranking them from one to nine, with one being the best and nine being the worst, the researchers concluded that Vienna was the ultimate Christmas city break destination.

Despite turning out to be one of the most expensive places for accommodation, the city’s Christmas market offerings sealed the deal for it. As anyone who has visited Vienna knows, their festive markets are enough to get the Grinch himself in the Christmas spirit – just take a look at the endless glowing reviews on Google. Plus, the city is also known for its affordable fine dining.

The best cities to visit for Christmas 2019 ranked from best to worst


In fact, the research by DayBreakHotels states that luxury dining in Vienna is 3.5 times cheaper than in Paris. Though that won’t come as a surprise to many as the French capital is the most expensive place on the list, which is partly also why it was voted as the worst city to visit during Christmas.