These face masks are Victoria Beckham’s post-flight saviour

When you peek inside the cupboard of a beauty expert these days, you’re highly likely to find a selection of J-Beauty products on the shelves. More and more insiders (and consumers) are wising up to the benefits of Japanese beauty brands – and Victoria Beckham is no exception.

Posting on her Instagram Stories, the former Spice Girl and fashion designer revealed her jet-lag recovery secret – a stretch face mask from Suqqu, one of the biggest names on the Japanese beauty scene. Victoria referred to the mask as ‘amazing’, adding that it was soothing her skin after being ‘up since 4am’.

Victoria Beckham face mask
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Suqqu’s masks are ideal for parched, post-flight skin – containing 33ml of powerful serum, they nourish and hydrate, offering intensive moisturisation and firming properties simultaneously.

At £72 for six, they’re not the cheapest mask on the market, but that does work out at £12 a treatment, so if you save yours for a holiday-only indulgence, it could prove to be a worthy investment. Plus, they couldn’t be easier to use – you simply lay the sheet on your face for 10-15 minutes, and blend any remaining essence into your skin.

Victoria Beckham face mask

Suqqu face stretch sheet masks, £72 for 6, Harrods

Victoria isn’t the only celebrity supporter of the Suqqu range – make-up artist Lisa Eldridge and burlesque star Dita Von Teese are said to be fans, and model Jodie Kidd has professed her love for the company’s sun care face protector. ‘My must have product for travelling to hot climates is the Suqqu face protector, as it has an incredibly light feel and is super absorbent,’ she said previously.

Actress Margot Robbie, meanwhile, raves about Suqqu’s foundation. ‘If I go to events I use Suqqu Foundation. That sh*t doesn’t come off,’ she revealed during an interview with Vogue. ‘It looks like skin, but it doesn’t budge. I haven’t found another foundation that stays on like that without looking heavy.’