This is Victoria Beckham’s go-to shampoo and conditioner

Victoria Beckham’s beauty line, which is announcing a new set of products tomorrow, is undoubtedly causing waves in the make-up world. And considering her status as an all-star beauty icon, that really comes as no surprise.

But while we know VB will undoubtedly reach for her own products when it comes to her make-up, what exactly does she use on her perfect hair?

The hair products Victoria Beckham swears by

From her shorter ‘pob’ cut to her longer extensions, Beckham’s hair always looks divine, glossy, and healthy. And according to a recently unearthed interview with beauty site Into The Gloss, her impressive locks can be attributed to the one brand that she adores most: Oribe.

Oribe was founded by beloved hair stylist Oribe Canales, who tragically died last year. However, in his legacy, he left a collection of incredible hair products that give women (and men) their best ever hair. The brand is perhaps best known for its Gold Lust collection, as well as its iconic Dry Texturising Spray, which is one of the most talked-about styling products of the past decade.

But the products that VB is most loyal to are the brand’s Signature Shampoo and Conditioner, which she says ‘smell incredible’. Indeed, Oribe products all have a very distinctive smell that’s unique to the brand and loved around the world.

Oribe Signature Shampoo, £31, Space NK

Their Signature Shampoo and Conditioner both come in sleek black packaging that will look chic on any bathroom shelf, and contain Oribe’s signature blend, featuring ingredients such as watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower extracts.

Oribe Signature Conditioner, £35, Space NK

As well as these Oribe must-haves, Beckham has previously revealed she can’t live without her pair of cordless Balmain hair straighteners, which she uses when flying. ‘Most of them [travel straighteners] don’t get so hot, but I’ve found these Balmain hair straighteners that come in this nice little bag, which I think is going to be a life changer. No more frizzy hair when I get off the plane,’ she revealed on her Instagram stories.

Balmain Paris Hair Couture Universal Cordless Straightener, £220, Net-A-Porter

And if you’re after a slightly more affordable alternative to the Oribe shampoo and conditioner she loves, VB has previously given her stamp of approval to the Josh Wood Colour Radiating Shampoo For Fine Brunette Hair, and its accompanying conditioner. Sharing a picture of the duo on her Instagram stories, the designer wrote simply: ‘Sulfate free ladies!! With UV filters.’

Plus, in another Instagram story she posted last year, eagle-eyed fans noticed a can of Clynol hairspray, which costs just £5 per can.

If it’s good enough for VB…