Victoria Beckham has revealed her favourite ‘amazing’ eye mask

Victoria Beckham has a rather fabulous habit of sharing her best beauty tips on her Instagram account, giving her millions of followers an insight into the routine that keeps her looking so great.

In the past, she’s talked everything from face masks to brow products, and now it’s the turn of eye treatments. The former Spice Girl, 44, posted a pic of a product that she says leaves her eye area looking ‘radiant’ – and as you might expect from a fashion designer, it’s the creation of one of the chicest brands on the shelves.

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The article in question? Chanel’s Le Lift Firming Anti-Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitaliser, which retails for a (slightly eye-watering) £105. ‘Revitalizing eye patches smooths features for a rested and radiant look,’ Victoria herself declared, adding that ‘they really feel amazing!’

The duo of tools included in the price work in tandem – first, you give your eyes a massage using the roll-on, releasing the anti-aging serum enriched with a vitamin C complex, followed by the application of revitalising patches.

Chanel say that the result is ‘instantly visible’ – and judging by her rave review, VB seems to agree.

Instagram/Victoria Beckham
Instagram/Victoria Beckham



Le Lift Firming Anti-Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitaliser, £105, Chanel

In the past, Victoria hasn’t been shy about admitting that her beauty routine doesn’t come cheap, disclosing a full line-up to Into The Gloss to the tune of £1200.

Speaking to the title about her skincare concerns, she said: ‘The older I get, the more my skin settles down. I used to have quite bad skin when I was younger and I was constantly covering up spots and things like that. Luckily, I don’t have to worry too much about that anymore.’

‘Over time, you learn what works for you. And, you know, I tried some interesting looks in the Spice Girls… At this point, I’ve done so many photoshoots and red carpets that I’ve learned so much about my beauty style by looking back at pictures of myself.’