Elizabeth Arden’s iconic Eight Hour Cream is 42% off right now

Like any beauty product, there are endless multi-purpose balms on the market with each promising different levels of hydration. A firm favourite among beauty experts, celebrities and even royalty, however, is the iconic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

The award-winning product has been in demand for decades, with one sold every minute around the world. It includes a host of natural radiance-boosting ingredients such as petrolatum, beta-hydroxy and vitamin E, promising to soothe and nourish your complexion. Even Prince Harry is a fan, according to reports that suggest the royal requested the multi-purpose balm when he was completing the Walking With The Wounded Allied Challenge to the South Pole in 2013.

YOU’s beauty director Edwina Ings-Chambers has also sang the 92-year-old beauty legend’s praises, and reported that ‘tests have shown that its name is actually inaccurate, as it repairs the skin barrier in less than one hour’ rather than eight.

What’s more, the multi-tasking hero product is currently on sale at Amazon, reduced by an impressive 42 per cent.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant, £16.58 (was £28), Amazon

So, what exactly is all the hype about? Moisturising dry patches aside, here are seven things you might not know Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream could help with…

1. Taming your brows

According to beauty experts, applying a bit of the multi-purpose balm on your eyebrows is the perfect way to get those hairs to sit just the way you want them to. Use a spoolie brush  to comb through in a tiny amount and unruly brows will be a thing of the past. This trick also works on flyaway baby hairs around your face too.

2. Soothing sunburn

Skin looking red, with no aftersun to hand? No problem. Fans of the product say you can rub some Eight Hour Cream on the affected areas – it’ll prevent the skin from peeling and keep it moisturised at the same time.

3. Softening your cuticles

If your nails and cuticles get dry throughout the day, Eight Hour Cream is a quick and easy way to nourish them by injecting a bit of hydration. Just be sure to run a polish remover pad over your nails before painting them, as having product on your nails can affect the finish.

4. Surviving a cold

Believe it or not, Eight Hour Cream can also be something of a health remedy – especially in the winter. If you feel you’ve got a cold coming on, applying the solution to your nose and lips is a great hack – it will prevent the redness and soreness that comes with endless nose-blowing.

5. Removing make-up

The balm is also great for removing stubborn eye make-up – especially waterproof mascara that just won’t budge. Simply massage a little cream onto your lashes then gently wipe it off – voila, no more panda eyes.

6. Highlighting

For those who are after a dab of natural shimmer, Eight Hour Cream can act as an amazing, versatile highlighter. Beauty lovers around the world often use the product  on the high points of their cheekbones, nose or even collarbones – anywhere they want a subtle yet effective glow.

7. Intensive masking

Some insiders swear by spreading Eight Hour Cream over their faces for a sporadic, more intensive face mask treatment, with many saying they even leave the layer on overnight. It’s not just the skin on your face that can benefit – smear it on your feet, pop on a pair of cotton socks and let the formula get to work.

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