This under-the-radar high street store is full of stylish homeware buys

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of at the moment, it’s bargain interiors buys to elevate our home decor game.

Call it the lockdown effect, in which we’re looking to change up our surroundings while working from home and being confined to the same space all day, every day. Or blame it on the slew of high street retailers that have been focusing their efforts on their homeware departments in recent months.

Whatever the reason, there’s likely one store you might not have thought to turn to – and that’s Urban Outfitters.

Sure, it’s our go-to destination for athleisure pieces, trend-led clothing and quirky accessories, but homeware? You’d be forgiven for associating it purely with slogan mugs and fairy lights.

But actually, Urban Outfitters Home & Lifestyle department has been quietly upping its game in the last year or so, and sneaking onto in-the-know interiors blogs and social media pages. And in our opinion, it would be a mistake to dismiss as an interiors destination purely for students. In fact, we say it’s on a par with high street favourites such as H&M Home and Zara Home.

These are our 15 favourite pieces from Urban Outfitters Home, to breathe a stylish new lease of life into your abode (with high-street price tags)…