5 weird and wonderful cheeses to add to your cheeseboard this Christmas

Christmas simply wouldn’t be complete without a cheeseboard, and for 2018, the options are more bizarre (and brilliant) than ever before.

From ice cream to alcohol, these unusual flavoured cheeses will provide some serious wow factor amidst your usual cheddar and brie – if you’re brave enough to give them a go, that is…

Mint chocolate chip cheese

Shirevale Mint Choc Chip White Stilton, £5.99, Ocado

We wouldn’t go as far as to serve it in a cone, but this cheese does provide all of the flavour of the classic ice cream, with a crumbly stilton texture. ‘Unlike the typical aromatic blue variety, Shirevale’s white stilton tastes clean and fresh, which makes it great for blending with unusual, exciting flavours,’ Shirevale explained of its quirky cheese idea. ‘[It] has a delicious, creamy and sweet dessert flavour.’

Gin cheese

Gin & Lemon Cheshire Cheese, £4.50, The Cheshire Cheese Company

Partial to a gin and tonic? You’ll love this vibrant little truckle, which is infused with the flavours of gin and sweet lemon. ‘I bought this in order to “give it ago”, but I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was,’ said one reviewer. ‘If you like a fruity Wensleydale cheese then you will enjoy this.’

Gingerbread cheese

Shirevale Gingerbread White Stilton Truckle, £2.49, Ocado

Well, it doesn’t get more festive than this… Robyn Figueira, Senior Buying Manager at Ocado, commented on the launch: ‘Gingerbread and cheese might seem like a strange mix at first, but thanks to the white stilton’s clean and fresh taste, this flavour combination really works’ – and as crackers and chutneys are often seasoned with spices, why not try it in the cheese.

Prosecco cheese

Raspberry and prosecco cheese, £4.50, The Great British Cheese Company

Slice into this round of fruity, boozy cheese and you’ll get an added surprise – it’s bright pink in the middle! The Great British Cheese Company note that their ‘Fizzy Flamingo’ cheese is a riff off a traditional Wensleydale with cranberries. ‘Paring Prosecco and raspberry with Wensleydale produces similar savoury, sweet and acidic flavour combinations,’ they add.

Cosmo cheese

Joseph Heler Wensleydale & Cranberry Cosmopolitan Cocktail Cheese, £7.99, Ocado

Another cranberry-rich concoction, this cocktail-inspired cheese also includes vodka and a hint of lime. Try teaming it with a simple savoury cracker and a generous smear of chutney for a taste sensation – actually glass of Cosmopolitan to wash it down optional, but highly recommended.