Umami and classic British bakes set to be the biggest foodie trends of 2022

If your new year’s resolution is to cook more, you’ll want to know what the biggest food trends of 2022 are. Interestingly, umami and classic British bakes are both up there at the top for this coming year.

If you haven’t already spotted it popping up on food packaging, get ready to see a whole lot of ‘umami’ in 2022. Despite being a taste rather than a food, several supermarkets have named umami as one of their top food trends of 2022.

soy sauce
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Umami was first coined as the ‘fifth taste’ (in addition to the already widely accepted sweet, sour, salty and bitter) in 1908 by Japanese chemist, Kikunae Ikeda, but has only began to seep into wider popular culture in the Western world in recent years – and now it is primed and ready to explode into our everyday cookery lexicon.

Umami is used to describe particularly moreish, savoury flavours such as those found in soy sauce, parmesan, seaweed, truffle and rich stocks – and it’s about to become the biggest foodie buzzword of 2022.

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Waitrose has hailed umami as ‘the prevailing profile in our food’ for 2022, a statement no doubt bolstered in confidence by the rising sales of its Cooks’ Ingredients Umami Paste (sales were up 17 per cent in 2021 compared to 2019), which contains ingredients including anchovy paste, garlic, black olives, red wine, wine vinegar, Parmigiano Reggiano and porcini mushrooms – all foods that evoke the umami sensation in our mouths.

Meanwhile, on the sweeter side of things, 2022 can expect to see yet another rise in Britons’ obsession with baking, thanks to it being the Queen’s platinum jubilee year.

Victoria sponge
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Alongside our continued adoration for The Great British Bake Off, Asda’s senior director of food innovation and trends, Jonathan Moore, told The Independent that these two factors will ‘undoubtedly feed into food trends throughout the year, think afternoon tea, picnics, and British classics.’

He added: ‘Home baking will likely make a triumphant return as the nation opts for homemade bread, Victoria sponge cakes and cloudy lemonade. This trend will be all about nostalgia with a 2022 edge.’