The UK’s most stressful city to live in has been revealed

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The UK’s most stressful city to live in has been revealed and we wouldn’t necessarily of predicted the result.

Most would assume one of Britain’s biggest cities would surely take the top spot like London, Glasgow or Birmingham but surprisingly Brighton has actually won gold.

The study has been conducted by the Local Authority Building Commission who collated data from the UK Government’s Happiness Index. The researchers surveyed factors such as house prices, commuting times and average salaries and then ranked Britain’s cities from 1 to 20 in terms of the stress levels of the residents.

The East Sussex seaside resort town, famed for it’s Regency-era buildings, its Palace Pier which is typically filled with happy, ice-cream eating tourists during the summer months and it’s sweet village-like centre, topped them all followed by Leicester and then London. York, Reading, Cambridge and Oxford all followed behind while Manchester ranked in eighth place followed by Plymouth and Glasgow.

Surprisingly, Liverpool didn’t even make the top 20 cities despite being one of Britain’s largest however it was found to be the UK’s most anxious city according to the Office for National Statistics Measuring National Well-being index.

Perhaps in part to blame for Brighton’s ranking is the fact it’s become such a popular commuter town in recent years which has no doubt driven up house prices and introduced much more crowding. Located just over an hour from the Ccapital, it’s perfect for those who need to work in London but want to live in a smaller city, closer to the countryside and the sea. However, if stress levels continue to rise, people may start to look elsewhere.  

According to the study Derby is an excellent choice to settle as it’s the least stressful city in the UK followed by Aberdeen and Coventry. Edinburgh, Sheffield and Leeds are all good options too.

Maybe up North is really where it’s at. What do you think?