This is the UK’s most Instagrammed food

What’s the point of Instagram if you can’t use it to show off your fancy meals and give all of your friends (or followers) food envy? It’s simply what the platform is there for in our eyes. But, we’re sure you’ll agree when we say that we’re sick of seeing the same snazzy avocado heavy brunch plates on our timelines. That’s why we were pleased to hear that, despite its popularity, the green fruit is in fact not the most instagrammed food in the UK.

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Instead, curry – yes, curry – was crowed the most Instagrammed food in the country by to data collected from the social media giant by Stay in Cornwall, who analysed Instagram research from the past year. After carefully counting hashtags, the researchers found the top ten most Instagrammed foods in the UK which resulted in curry winning the number one spot.

While the Indian cuisine may not be the most picturesque dish, it’s no surprise it ranked above its counterparts – we Brits can’t get enough of a good old Chicken Tikka Masala with a side of naan bread.

Avocado placed number two, while classic British dish fish and chips closely followed at number three. Yorkshire pudding and cream tea were also in the top five, while sausage rolls and trifle placed number six and seven.

10 most Instagrammed food in the UK

  1. Curry – 551,701
  2. Avocado – 271,789
  3. Fish and chips – 63,856
  4. Yorkshire pudding – 51,556
  5. Cream tea – 45,189
  6. Sausage roll – 29,113
  7. Trifle – 11,359
  8. Chip butty – 9,121
  9. Cornish pasty – 6,393
  10. Beef Wellington – 2,432

As well as identifying the most popular foods, the researchers also spotted the locations of the posts. They found that while northerners love sausage rolls, southerners favour fish and chips. Oh, and locals in Luton are the biggest curry lovers in the country. Not as surprisingly, residents in York instagrammed the most Yorkshire puddings.

We wonder where the Beef Wellington enthusiasts are from?