For a quiet coastal break, these are the UK’s most secluded beaches

If the sunny weather and that summer feeling has got you dreaming of packing a bag and driving to the coast for a quick staycation, you might be wondering where exactly in the UK to take yourself.

Strathy Bay
Strathy Bay. Image: Shutterstock

While the popular spots such as Cornwall, Bournemouth and Brighton get packed with tourists flocking to our island’s coastline the moment the mercury dares above 18 degrees celsius, there are some lesser-known sandy spots around the UK that are much quieter and will prove for a far more peaceful day at the beach – not to mention making it much easier to social distance.

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Last year, sought to find the most secluded beaches in the UK by finding the least tagged beaches on Instagram, thus identifying the UK’s most stunning secret escapes for your next holiday – and they came up with some real hidden gems.

In at the number one spot was Coves Haven beach in Holy Island as the most remote secret beach to visit in the UK. The hashtag #coveshaven was found a mere five times on Instagram in total, indicating that a trip here would constitute one of the most peaceful beach visits you can imagine in the UK. Not just quiet, it’s stunning too, with high sand dunes and steep cliffs for a dramatic, remote landscape – at low tide, you’ll be greeted by glistening rock pools.

Coves Haven
Coves Haven. Image: Alamy

Award-winning Strathy Bay in the Scottish Highlands came in second with 37 hashtags on Instagram. A unique coastal landscape, with the River Strathy on one side and the north coast’s spectacular cliffs on the other side, it’s unsurprising it was nominated as one of Scotland’s best beaches in 2019.

Another award-winning gem to feature in the list was Northumberland’s Rumbling Kern, in at number 8 with 339 hashtags at the time. This secret beach is hidden behind cliffs that face inland from the sea, making it ideal for a peaceful, secluded getaway.

Rumbling Kern
Rumbling Kern. Image: Shutterstock

See the full list of the UK’s top 10 most secluded beaches below:

  1. Coves Haven, Holy Island – 5 hashtags
  2. Strathy Bay, Highland – 37 hashtags
  3. Shepherd’s Chine, Isle of Wight – 76 hashtags
  4. West Voe, Shetland Islands – 165 hashtags
  5. Sinclairs Bay, Highland – 183 hashtags
  6. Gammons Head Beach, Devon – 184 hashtags
  7. Porthbeor, Cornwall – 218 hashtags
  8. Rumbling Kern, Northumberland – 339 hashtags
  9. Langamull Beach, Isle of Mull – 383 hashtags
  10. Fidden, Isle of Mull – 400 hashtags