The UK city with the friendliest neighbours has been revealed

A new study has revealed the friendliest place in the UK and it won’t be a shock to hear that London isn’t it. But what if we told it is another popular city?

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Nowadays, it has become a rarity for many of us to have a relationship with our neighbours – especially for those who live in big, cosmopolitan cities. Everyone tends to keep to themselves and with the rise of renting, it is common to move around so much that making an effort with a temporary neighbour seems pointless.

However, call us old-fashioned but there really isn’t anything like having a nice friendly face next door, who you can turn to when you’ve run out of sugar, been locked out on a dark winter’s day or simply need someone to accept a parcel for you while you’re away. So, if that’s how you feel too then you might want to move to Nottingham.

The popular midlands city has been crowned the number one place in the UK for the friendliest neighbours, according to research by Giff Gaff.

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Nottingham, which is most famous for its ties to the community minded Robin Hood, was given the delightful accolade after a staggering 98 percent of its residents claimed to know their neighbours well and often look out for them.

The city was closely followed by other towns such as Cardiff and Newcastle, proving that perhaps Northerners really are more friendly after all. Especially as there were only three southern entries in the top ten most neighbourly list including Oxford, Brighton and Plymouth – none of which made the top five.

See the full list below: 

1. Nottingham – 98%
2. Cardiff – 97%
3. Newcastle – 95%
4. Liverpool – 95%
5. Leicester – 94%
6. Oxford – 93%
7. Glasgow – 92%
8. Leeds – 90%
9. Plymouth – 89%
10. Brighton – 87%

Giff Gaff’s research found that overall, eight in ten Brits believe that community spirit is alive and well in Britain today, with as many as 38 percent of those polled saying the hub of their community is still the local pub, where they meet with friends and neighbours to catch up after a hard days work – a fact some may find hard to believe given our current Netflix-loving digital age.

The research also highlighted that over a quarter (26 percent) of adults regard their neighbours as good friends and said their strong community means they are always looking out for each other. A further 22 percent event have WhatsApp or email groups with their neighbours so they can communicate regularly.