Tyrrells is launching special aphrodisiac crisps for Valentine’s Day

Now that the festive period is well out the way, it’s time to look forward to the next big thing on our annual calendars – Valentine’s Day.

To help you spice things up this year, snack brand Tyrrells is launching brand new limited edition aphrodisiac flavoured crisps. That’s right, prepare to have your pulses set racing by carbohydrates.

aphrodisiac crisps
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According to the brand, the new flavour, Honey and Chilli, is full of aphrodisiac properties, with both honey and chilli having provocative effects on the body.

For instance, honey is known for tinkering with hormone levels as well as containing nitric oxide, which is released in the blood during arousal – after all, the term ‘honeymoon’ wasn’t just pulled out of thin air. Similarly, chilli triggers nerve endings on the tongue – releasing endorphins and increasing heart rate.

Sounds like just the right date night snack if you ask us. In fact, it could be love at first bite!


Sarah Lawson, Tyrrells Marketing Manager, said: ‘At Tyrrells, we’re always looking for ways to introduce new and different additions that bring our unique and often quirk personality to life. Our new Honey and Chilli variety has an extra special place in our hearts as it is the first crisp with aphrodisiac properties that’s ever been created!’

The flavour will be available in supermarkets and stores across the country from mid-January.

The crisps are also a nice alternative to usual Valentine’s Day treats such as chocolates and strawberries. Besides, the legends do say strawberries originated from the heart-shaped tears of Aphrodite after she learned of her lover, Adonis’s death. And let’s face it, no one wants to be reminded of that kind of negativity on the most romantic day of the year.

For those who insist on healthy snacks but would still like a little mood-boosting edible Valentine’s Day treat, almonds and walnuts are also a known aphrodisiac. They’re packed with beneficial fatty acids like omega-3, which help produce hormones and it is also believed that the aroma of almonds arouses passion in women.

You’re welcome!