Surprisingly affordable French beauty line Typology just landed in the UK

Homeware to beauty products might not seem like the most natural career transition, but that’s just what Ning Li, the founder of, has managed to pull off with Typology, a Parisian-based beauty brand that’s just arrived on UK shores.


While the products differ, the principle behind both of Li’s brands is certainly comparable. Just as made designer furniture accessible and affordable with a straightforward e-commerce approach, Typology follows a similarly stripped-back direct-to-consumer model,  offering everything from skincare to fragrance at surprisingly low prices. In fact, many hero buys from the collection come it at under £15.

Typology UK Launch

‘When I had the opportunity to create an entirely new skincare brand, I assembled a team of experts with a single mission in mind: to radically change the industry’s rules,’ Li explains.

The result is a ‘clean, genderless and 100 per cent digital’ range that demystifies the often overcomplicated world of personal care and equips customers with a better understanding of what its ingredients can achieve for them.


There are seven vegan, cruelty-free ranges under the Typology umbrella, which, we’ll admit, sounds overwhelming initially. However, once they’re broken down, these edits actually make the collection easier to navigate and find the right products that meet your needs.

  • Raw: Single-ingredient formulas that can be used alone or in conjunction with other products
  • Lab: Highly concentrated and effective serums and actives, including a 3% hyaluronic acid
  • Ten: Minimialist everyday essentials such as moisturiser, hand balm, shampoo and conditioner, each containing 10 ingredients or less
  • Woman: A series of four serums formulated specifically to response to hormonal changes throughout the month
  • Saf: Solid cleansing bars, each targeted to specific skin concerns such as oiliness or dryness
  • Primaire: Natural eau de parfums made using essential oils, designed to be worn alone or combined to make your own fragrance
  • Tone: A selection of three tonics consisting of niacinamide, glycolic and salicylic acids
Typology UK launch

And the outside is just as good as what’s inside – not only are the bottles irresistibly chic, they’re made from glass or recyclable plastic, while tubes are aluminium, as this is the only material that can be recycled continuously without degrading itself or the product it contains.

Typology has already built a cult following in its native France, and we predict big things now it’s arrived here too. If you want to get ahead of the crowds, here are just some of the bestsellers that shoppers can’t get enough of.

Typology bestsellers to shop now

Eye Serum 5% Caffeine + 5% Niacinamide, £11.80

10-Ingredient Hand Balm, £13.80

7-Ingredient Makeup Removing Oil, £14.80

Botanical Oil Organic Rosehip, £23.80

9-Ingredient Face Moisturiser, £17.80

Hydrating Serum 3% Hyaluronic Acid + 2% B5, £11.80, Typology

For more information and to shop the full Typology range head to