This is the best type of house for you, according to your star sign

Whatever you think of astrology and star signs, you can’t deny, it’s fun to read about them. Some believe they rule multiple factors in our lives, such as dictating where you should travel to this year, what your favourite flower should be, or even the perfect pet for you based on when your birthday is.

Now, estate agents Martin & Co. have teamed up with astrologist Maria Afentakis to find out what your dream house is like based on your star sign.

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According to Maria, fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are passionate and outgoing, so are drawn to fancier properties. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) tend to be more emotional and sensitive, so prefer something more homely.

The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are similar to water star signs, in that they make a house a home. If you are an air sign (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), you’re deemed to be communicative and creative, so are drawn towards more peaceful settings.

Looking to move? Here’s a more precise list of what type of home you should look for, according to the stars!

The best type of house for you based on your star sign

Aries: A lavish villa

21 March to 20 April

‘Aries adores being the centre of attention,’ says Maria. They’re ‘bold and ambitious, but can sometimes be too impulsive’.

Dream property: A lavish villa to make Aries ‘feel like a star’

Attainable property: A picturesque cottage

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Taurus: A quaint apartment

21 April to 21 May

Maria says: ‘Taurus likes to relax – preferably in soothing, serene environments’.

Dream property: A quaint apartment, ‘ideal for the practical Taurus who likes to be close to amenities’.

Attainable property: A compact apartment to ‘fulfil their need of luxurious and beautiful things’.

Gemini: A riverside cabin

22 May to 21 June

‘Geminis are gentle, curious, and adaptable with the ability to learn quickly, but can be nervous and indecisive,’ Maria says.

Dream property: A riverside location, as Geminis enjoy ‘going for long walks to come up with new ideas’.

Attainable property: A spacious apartment with minimal clutter and a compact garden ‘to feel at home and enjoy the space to be creative’.

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Cancer: A suburban two storey

22 June to 23 July

‘Cancer loves family and although they can be suspicious, they’re also highly imaginative’.

Dream property: ‘A perfect family home with the necessary space and luxury for a Cancer who values their home environment and family the most.’

Attainable property: A cosy and homely house with a large garden and dining area, ideal for hosting.

Leo: A large country house

24 July to 23 August

‘Creative Leos are generous and warm-hearted, so need space to show off those traits’.

Dream property: A property that stands out and is fit for royalty – spacious and luxurious.

Attainable property: ‘A luxury apartment in a very prestigious area of London for the passionate and theatrical Leo.’

Virgo: A structured townhouse

24 August to 23 September

‘Practicality and loyalty are the most prevalent traits in a Virgo,’ says Maria, ‘although their analytical approach can sometimes mean they overthink and over-worry.’

Dream property: A spacious home with a large outdoor space to ‘fulfil the need to be in nature’.

Attainable property: A property in a village with lots of character and a beautiful garden.

Libra: A modern bungalow

24 September to 23 October

‘Libras are all about balance and diplomacy, but they’re very social, too, so need a large, welcoming space’.

Dream property: A bungalow with modern and original features.

Attainable property: A spacious Victorian conversion with a garden.

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Scorpio: A rural villa

24 October to 22 November

Passionate Scorpio’s are ‘certainly not afraid to take a risk like buying a dream home.’

Dream property: A spacious house with a variety of rooms for different activities.

Attainable property: A multi-purpose house ‘where they can roam in the wonderful green space’.

Sagittarius: A beach house

23 November to 21 December

Sagittarius ‘can be idealistic in their approach to life, while also showing a sense of adventure.’

Dream property: A large, organised living space with easy access to a big city and outdoor space.

Attainable property: This star sign needs a house with excellent travel links to ‘fulfil their enthusiastic side and quest for adventure’.

Capricorn: A city penthouse

22 December to 21 January

‘Capricorn is reliable and disciplined – ideal traits for a property search,’ says Maria.

Dream property: An extravagant flat with lots of office space.

Attainable property: A modern, practical flat in a superb location.

Aquarius: A converted warehouse

22 January to 19 February

‘Aquarius has a real sense of style and is not afraid to show it off.’

Dream property: An eccentric and quirky converted warehouse with a garden ‘to be creative and focus on new projects and ideas’.

Attainable property: A space with access to go outdoors for long walks in nature.

Pisces: A cosy cottage

20 February to 20 March

‘Pisces is a water sign, so loves to be close to nature,’ but they also need ‘the practicalities of urban life to provide balance.’

Dream property: A riverside cottage.

Attainable property: A compact apartment with great transport links and on-site amenities.

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