Twiggy reveals the high street beauty products she uses to maintain her youthful skin

Legendary ’60s model Twiggy (real name Dame Lesley Lawson DBE) has inspired hoards of women over the years with her effortless style, ageless graceful beauty, and of course, her class and kindness. The star, who panelled alongside Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow at the recent ‘In Goop Health’ summit, spoke to Vogue UK to give us a small insight into the beauty and lifestyle routines she swears by to keep her feeling youthful and fresh.

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The inspirational 69-year-old revealed that despite being ‘low maintenance,’ she relies on a small set of lifestyle and beauty practises, such as never sleeping in makeup, and most notably, Pilates.

‘I swear by it,’ she explained. ‘A few years ago I got a really bad back and my osteopath said that the best thing I could do once I was well enough was pilates. I’ve been doing it for three years now and it’s changed my life.’

Twiggy also spoke about which beauty products she can’t live without, beginning with fragrance (her top three are Jo Malone Blue Agava and Cacao and Chanel’s No.5 and Coco Chanel scents), and ending with the surprisingly affordable high street beauty buys she uses every day:

‘On my body, I used to use a liquid like Nivea or Dove but then my daughter Carly told me about Aveeno and I love it! It’s made from oats and I’ve noticed it stopped my legs from getting flakey. It really works.’

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She also loves a bargain when it comes to her makeup choices, opting for the Bourjois Little Round Pop Blusher rather than a more expensive counterpart.

‘They haven’t changed it for years and they’re lovely shades,’ she explained. ‘I go for the rosey ones so it looks like I’m naturally flushed.’

We’re just off to raid the shelves at our local Boots…