11 popular TV shows loved by the royal family

There may not be many things we share in common with the royal family but one sure conversation starter you could strike up should you meet the monarchy is TV.

Despite their busy schedules, it turns out the Queen and her relatives always make time to sit back, relax and curl up on the sofa with their favourite drama on the small screen. But what exactly do they watch?

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They may not be live-tweeting between episodes like the rest of us but the Cambridges, the Sussexes and their extended families all tune into plenty of seriously popular shows – some of which we guarantee you’re a fan of too…

Strictly Come Dancing


Prince William has revealed that like the rest of the nation, his wife Kate and mother-in-law Carole Middleton are both huge fans of Strictly Come Dancing. The Duke of Cambridge told stars of the show he met at a charity gala that Kate and Carole were avid watchers, telling head judge Shirley Ballas and the show’s host Claudia Winkleman: ‘I have watched the show a couple of times. Catherine is a huge fan and my mother-in-law loves it.’

He even joked, ‘Why does Claudia never dance?!’ to which the presenter replied: ‘I’m too creaky!’

Killing Eve


The Duke of Cambridge recently revealed that he is a big fan of the BBC’s Killing Eve as he opened the doors to BAFTA’s new venue in London’s Piccadilly. He even met the cast and crew of the show during his visit, and producer Sally Woodward Gentle later revealed that Prince William has ‘apparently has watched it all’.

‘We didn’t test him, but he did say it was quite a final ending to series two,’ she added. ‘So at least he watched the last three minutes of the last episode! He said he loved it. He talked about the dark humour of it, and Jodie and Sandra [Oh, her co-star], how amazing they both are. And he talked about the humour you can get through the costumes, which is what Phoebe [de Gaye] is so clever at.’

Game of Thrones

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During an interview with BBC Radio 1 back in 2017, Prince William and wife Kate revealed that they love Game of Thrones. Speaking to radio DJ Scott Mills, William said: ‘You should definitely watch Game of Thrones, that’s worth watching.’

The show’s actor Tom Wlaschiha also told Evening Standard that the couple had told him they were fans of the show saying: ‘They wanted spoilers but I said I couldn’t tell them. I’m surprised they have time to watch such a long running series.’


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Kate and Will also named Homeland was one of their favourite shows in the BBC Radio 1 interview, with Will admitting: ‘we have watched Homeland‘ and saying that the duo were ‘big fans’ of the series.

Britain’s Got Talent

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Amanda Holden once revealed that Prince Harry was an avid Britain’s Got Talent watcher, telling The Independent that he had praised the show when she met him.

She even said that the Duke of Sussex had asked if Piers Morgan was ‘really a prat’ to which she responded ‘You can’t say that but yes!’

The Voice Kids

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Meghan and Harry are keen on reality TV competitions by the sounds of things, as the couple also watch The Voice Kids. The couple even met Donel Mangena, a former finalist on the show, at the Royal Albert Hall.

During an interview with Lorraine, the 16-year-old explained that Meghan pretty much fangirled over him. ‘Harry and Meghan walked in and I expected a handshake, but Meghan screamed my name and ran over to give me a hug,’ he said, adding that Harry later said to him ‘our money’s on you.’

The Crown


Believe it or not, the Queen actually watches the hit Netflix series based on her own life and legacy.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Vanessa Kirby, who plays Her Majesty’s sister Princess Margaret in the first two seasons of The Crown said: ‘A friend of mine was at a party where he didn’t know anyone so sidled up to a group who were discussing the show. One of the women said, ‘My granny kind of likes it.’ It turns out it was one of the princesses – the Queen’s granddaughter. It’s quite a reliable source – ish – so I am sure she is a fan!’

Downton Abbey


The Crown isn’t the only period drama the Queen makes time for. It was once reported in the Telegraph that the monarchy tuned into ITV on Sunday nights to watch Downton Abbey just like the rest of us  when the popular show was still airing (2011-2018).

The newspaper claimed that she even ‘points out things they have got wrong, partly because she is familiar with Highclere Castle, where it is filmed.’ We bet she does the same with The Crown – it is her own life, after all!

The X Factor

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Brian Hoey, the author of At Home With The Queen, also told the Telegraph that Her Majesty is surprisingly also a fan of The X Factor.

He revealed that during her visit to Ireland in 2011 she told Mary Byrne, a former contestant on the ITV1 talent show, that her staff record The X Factor for her and she watches it the next day.



Prince Charles once admitted that he and wife the Duchess of Cornwall love watching BBC drama Poldark together.

He revealed during a trip to Cornwall, where the show is filmed, that he was a fan of both the novels and the TV adaptation, saying: ‘What I can’t get over, watching that Poldark stuff on TV, is how many he wrote.’

Fireman Sam

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According to his parents, little Prince George loves watching Fireman Sam – or at least he did back in 2017 when he was four. Will and Kate told BBC Radio 1 that their first born gets upset if you’re ‘not showing due diligence to the characters’ when watching the kids show with him.