TU Clothing is being praised for its breastfeeding-friendly clothing range

Being a new mum comes with enough challenges – including the fact that trying to find clothes that is both comfortable, stylish and practical for breastfeeding is near impossible. But now TU Clothing is helping to change that.

TU clothing

In a new attempt to make life a little bit easier for mums, Tu, the fashion brand at Sainsbury’s has launched a new range of breastfeeding-friendly clothes that doesn’t compromise style.

Designed with the help of Can I Breastfeed In It, a popular group that shares outfit ideas for breastfeeding mums, the items in the collection are all especially made with easy access to your breasts in order to make feeding more straightforward.

TU Clothing breastfeeding

Denim Blue Boiler Suit, £35, TU Clothing 

The range consists of everything from chic shirts, blouses and pinafores, to trendy jumpsuits and tops – all of which feature zip, wrap fronts and button-through designs for easy access.

Introducing the new range on their website, the brand states: ‘We recognise that finding stylish, practical and breastfeeding-friendly clothes is like finding a needle in a haystack. In fact, it can even put you off shopping. Those days are over, as we have styles suitable for mums-to-be and new-mums everywhere.’

TU Clothing breastfeeding

Multicoloured Check Tie-Waist Tunic Shirt, £20, TU Clothing 

Sizes in the collection start from a size eight and go up to a size 22, with some items extending their sizes up to a size 28. Best of all? The entire collection is super purse-friendly with prices starting at £14 and going up to just £45.

TU Clothing breastfeeding

Bright Check Patch Pocket Long Sleeve Shirt, £16, TU Clothing

Many mums took to Facebook to express their excitement and share their gratitude for the new range, according to The Sun. One mum wrote: ‘This is brilliant – thanks Sainsburys.’

TU Clothing breastfeeding

Black Corduroy Dungarees, £24, TU Clothing 

Meanwhile another explained: ‘Amazing TU! One of the hardest things PP (post-partum) is learning to love your new body and I found it even harder not being able to wear my usual clothes as they didn’t have boob access. This is really helpful that you have a lovely range of breastfeeding friendly clothes without being maternity.’