Trinny’s latest make-up trick will help you ‘combat sleepless nights’ in two minutes flat

We don’t know about you, but in lockdown our beauty regimes went completely awry – while skincare stayed somewhat achievable, the thought of putting on make-up just to stay home was a step too far, and so we haven’t worn a full face in forever.

But now that restrictions are loosening and we’re able to socialise more, we’re missing the quick beauty fixes that transform a dull, tired complexion into one that’s glowing and ready to face the world; and it’s like Trinny Woodall read our minds.

The TV presenter and Instagram sensation has just shared a video of the speedy products she uses when she’s trying to ‘combat those sleepless nights’, and it’s the perfect low-maintenance routine that we can all copy in two minutes flat.

‘You know when you just have not slept and you feel like the weight of your lack of sleep is resting on your face?’ she says at the start of the clip. ‘Hair also, like when you’ve been sick for three days but you haven’t, it’s just grease, and a little bit of root growing through.’ Yes, Trinny, hard relate.

Her first tip is fashion related – putting on a great colour, which in her case means a favourite blue shirt – but she adds that ‘it’s the kind of day where colour itself doesn’t do enough’ so she turns to her signature BFF Eye concealer from her own Trinny London range. Application is simple, dabbed on with the fingers, and starts generously under the eyes then extends in smaller amounts all over the face.

To pander to the holiday craving we’re all feeling right now, Trinny then swipes on a little Golden Glow bronzer in Soala, also using her hands, and blends this into her cheeks and around her hairline. Finished with a vibrant red lip, courtesy of her Lip Luxe pot in the shade Swainy, with a flush of the remainder applied to the apples of cheeks for a little extra warmth, she’s performed a make-up job you’d think was the result of hours in front of the mirror.

Lastly, she adds a ‘gargantuan amount’ of Ouai dry shampoo foam, massaged into her roots, and a spritz of Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch-Up Spray, and she’s done, leaving fans – and us – seriously impressed.

‘Brilliant transformation – this is exactly what I need to go from zombie-woman to human-woman in the morning!’ exclaimed one follower, while another fan agreed: ‘Ohhh my lord, I needed this today….I’m getting everything you recommended into my life now!!!’

So, if you’ve got a spare couple of minutes and need a little lift, at least now you know where to start…