Trinny London’s new launch took four years to make and is set to become a cult classic

Trinny London already boasts a number of cult beauty products in its range but the latest is the result of four years of careful planning, researching and production. Trinny London’s Lash2Brow is an innovative beauty product that combines mascara and brow gel in one neat, dual-ended package. The perfect morning wake-up routine for tired, weary eyes, and just in time for the Christmas party season too!

Trinny London Lash2BrowThe two ends of this Lash2Brow work in tandem. The long-lasting mascara builds up oodles of impressive length and volume on the lashes, without smudging or flaking. It has a clever cone-shaped brush that helps distribute the just-right amount of mascara onto every, single eyelash.

The brow gel, meanwhile, has a micro-precision brush, created to shape and groom brows without any fuss, stickiness or mess. One swoosh over your arches will have them looking neat and shaped all day.

Trinny London
Trinny London

What’s more both the mascara and brow gel are gentle on the skin and easy to remove when you need to at night. As an added bonus, they contain organic chestnut extract which leaves both lashes and brows conditioned and hydrated.

Trinny Woodall
CEO & Founder Trinny Woodall

“I wanted to develop a mascara that never clumps or flakes, but delivers on length and volume to enhance your everyday natural look, and a brow that would give a transformation to your face in one easy whoosh. Brows define our features and thus correctly “dressed” can give an ageless face to every woman,” said Trinny London CEO and Founder Trinny Woodall.

Lash2Brow comes in one black mascara shade, combined with five different brow shades, ranging from Latte, a light brow for fair hair, to Espresso, a cool dark brown for those with darker locks, so you can find the perfect match for your hair and skin tone.

Trinny London’s Lash2Brow launches today at and is priced at £28.