Trinny London just launched an exciting new BFF make-up product

Trinny London has found the perfect solution for those who want great coverage from their make-up, but also healthy-looking skin: BFF Rebalance.

The next in Trinny London’s line of bestselling BFF products (including the BFF Cream, BFF De-Stress Tinted Serum and BFF Eye Serum Concealer), as its name suggests, this product really is your new best friend forever; it combines a shine-reducing tinted serum with soothing skincare to deliver oil-controlling make-up that still helps you glow and look radiant. Essentially, you get all the benefits of a fantastic foundation but without the damage it does to your skin.

Trinny London BFF Rebalance
Trinny London

‘When I suffered from badly congested skin, it was so difficult to find a product that gave me enough coverage, wasn’t too shiny, and would actually not make my skin worse by wearing it,’ said Trinny Woodall, Founder and CEO, Trinny London.

BFF Rebalance
Trinny London

BFF Rebalance, £39,

‘From this, BFF Rebalance was born – a skincare-makeup hybrid that delivers just the right amount of coverage whilst helping to tackle congested skin.’

Trinny Woodall
Trinny Woodall, Founder

The great thing about Trinny London BFF Rebalance is that it doesn’t suffocate the skin, slide off as the day goes on or irritate blemishes so they feel and look even worse. The serum contains noni-bioactives which preserve the skin’s microbiome (the all-important organisms that live on healthy skin), while simultaneously niacinamide controls blemishes by reducing the amount of excess oil and the appearance of pores. If you do have blemishes, avocado extract soothes and calms them, supporting your skin all the way.

The unique formula is lightweight and breathable and is priced at £39. It comes in 14 carefully chosen shades, from Alabaster to Deep Ebony so there’s something to suit you, whatever your skin type and hue. It’s simple to apply; just smooth onto the face using your fingertips and you’ll find its easy to achieve an even, soft matte finish. Available now at Trinny London.