These are the top 10 bestselling products in Trinny London’s make-up range

Trinny London, the eponymous make-up line from everyone’s favourite Instagram sensation Trinny Woodall, has been something of a gamechanger in the beauty industry. Its instantly recognisable stacking pots have secured their spots in collections across the country thanks to their easy portability, fuss-free application and impressive results – but which products have really cemented their status as the best of the best from the range?

Trinny London bestsellers
Trinny London

Whether you have yet to try Trinny London and are looking for a good place to start, or are already a loyal customer wondering if there are any other gems that you’re missing, we asked the brand to share the top 10 Trinny London bestsellers so far, and theres’s something for almost every stage of your routine – from skin to eyes to lips and even storage.

Trinny London bestsellers
Trinny London

A word of warning, however: these fan favourites are so beloved that they often sell out, so you may need to join a waitlist or two before you manage to get your hands on the full set. Here’s what all the fuss is about…

The top 10 Trinny London bestsellers

1. BFF Cream SPF30 in Light-Medium


trinny bff creamBFF Cream SPF30 Skin Perfector, £35, Trinny London

Topping the list is the cult BFF Cream, which is so popular it has almost 400 positive reviews on the Trinny London website. Use it as a base, rubbing it all over your face as you would a moisturiser for an instant natural glow (and, of course, crucial SPF protection). It’ll give you a lift all on its own, but if you prefer you can add a little more coverage as needed.

2, Miracle Blur

Miracle Blur, £26, Trinny London

No surprises here – pore-minimising and fine line-reducing primer Miracle Blur has flown out of stock multiple times in a row and seems to be in constantly high demand. It’s particularly good for smoothing out wrinkles around the mouth area – the before-and-afters have to be seen to be believed.

3. BFF Cream SPF30 in Light

trinny bff creamBFF Cream SPF30 Skin Perfector, £35, Trinny London

We won’t repeat ourselves here, but suffice to say that BFF Cream is so coveted it makes the list twice in the top three in two different shades.

4. T-Top Stackable Mirror

Trinny London Mirror

T-Top Stackable Mirror, £10, Trinny London

Only recently launched but already an essential in any Trinny London kit, this handy click-on mirror sold every 60 seconds on the day it was released. Snap yours on to your other pots for easier-than-ever application on the go.

5. Leather Bag

trinny London leather bag

The Leather Bag, £48, Trinny London

Well, if you’re going to start building a Trinny London stash, you’re going to need somewhere to store it. However, the sleek design and generous size of the signature leather pouch means you can also use this in as a handy clutch bag in its own right, bringing your cost per use down to mere pennies.

6. BFF Cream SPF30 in Medium

trinny bff creamBFF Cream SPF30 Skin Perfector, £35, Trinny London

No, your eyes are not deceiving you – BFF Cream makes the list of Trinny London bestsellers  a rather staggering three times in total, this time in the option Medium.

7. Lip2Cheek in VeeBee

trinny lip2cheek in feebleLip2Cheek, £25, Trinny London

Meet the ultimate multitasker Trinny London’s Lip2Cheek range can be used on your (you guessed it) lips and cheeks, and even your eyes if you’re feeling adventurous, for an instant flush of colour. VeeBee is a sunset coral that looks great on any skin tone.

8. Eye2Eye in Wisdom

trinny eye2eye wisdomEye2Eye, £18, Trinny London

Eye2Eye may be small, but it’s mighty, with rich pigment and great colour payoff, even when you’re using a neutral like Wisdom. This also appears to be one of Trinny’s personal favourites as it often appears in her Instagram videos.

9. Lip2Cheek in Freddie

Trinny Lip2Cheek Freddie

Lip2 Cheek, £25, Trinny London

Another entry for Lip2Cheek, this time in Freddie – a chic terracotta brown that will give you that ‘my lips but better’ look in just a couple of dabs.

10. BFF Eye in Reda

Trinny London BFF EYEBFF Eye, £26, Trinny London

Rounding off Trinny London bestsellers is BFF Eye, a serum-based concealer that uses hyaluronic acid to hydrate and enliven, leaving your under-eye are looking fresh and crease-free while also disguising the presence of dark circles. There are eight shades in totally, but Reda has the top sales rate.