This simple trick could ensure that your luggage arrives at baggage claim first

Whether you’re off on a long-haul adventure or jetting away for a quick weekend break, there’s nothing that brings down a holiday high more than an unfeasibly long wait for your luggage at baggage claim – but thanks to a simple trick that’s recently come to light, spending hours stood in front of the carousel could soon be a thing of the past.

The experts at Travel + Leisure magazine have revealed that asking your flight attendant one important question before you board could be the key to cutting your wait time in the airport, and it won’t cost you a thing.

‘Ask the representative at the check-in counter to attach a fragile sticker to your bag,’ they advise. ‘Bags that are marked as fragile will typically be loaded later and come out before the other bags. Plus, they’re also likely to get less wear and tear.’

baggage claim first
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Of course, as with most travel hacks, the idea comes with no guarantees, and loading and unloading policies will inevitably vary from airline to airline. ”The downside with this tactic is that once in a while, these stickers may not be seen or noticed by staff,’ the writers at Travel + Leisure add.

If you’re truly desperate to get your luggage before anyone else, you could also consider upgrading your seat to first or business class, or joining a frequent flier programme that gives you access to a priority tag for your bag.

However, there’s certainly no harm in giving the fragile sticker method a try, particularly if it means less time in the airport and more time to soak up the sun on the beach or explore a new city.

If nothing else, you should find that your suitcase has been given a little more TLC than usual when it reaches your destination!