What is the ‘plant a tree for every pet picture’ trend on Instagram?

Instagram is often rife with viral trends, but the latest one may have left you scratching your head. If you’ve been on Instagram in the last few days, you’ll no doubt have seen friends and influencers sharing a sticker (one of Instagram’s newest features) on their Stories which read: ‘We’ll plant one tree for every pet picture.’

cat in a tree
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There was no explanation as to where the sticker originated from or who was promising to plant these trees, but nonetheless Instagram users enthusiastically added the sticker to their Stories in their millions – along with a picture of of their adorable pet, of course. Over four million people picked up on the trend, wanting to ‘do their bit’ for the environment, however it sadly turns out that the trees may not be planted after all.

After a few days of the tree planting Instagram trend doing the rounds, a company called Plant A Tree Co. has claimed responsibility for it and, unfortunately, have said that they can’t plant as many trees as the Sticker promised.

‘Thank you for sharing your pets, they’re adorable,’ read the company’s statement in an Instagram post.

‘We posted the new “Add Yours” story as a fun tree planting campaign where we can show off our awesome pets! We immediately realized the post would grow too big and that we didn’t have the resources to plant that many trees, so we deleted it 10 minutes later.

‘Even though we deleted it, the stories continued to spread out of our control. Our credit for the post was also removed, because of what seems like an @instagram bug.’

planting a tree
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The company has however decided to try and turn the tree planting Instagram trend catastrophe into a positive by starting a fundraiser:

‘We want to use this awareness for lasting impact, so we created this fundraiser. It is raising money towards @treesforthefuture which is an organization that we love, who is dedicated to planting trees. We are not affiliated with @treesforthefuture, we are simply raising money through this fundraiser which will directly go to them, so that they can use it to plant trees.’

It finished: ‘Please share this post and the fundraiser on your story, and tag all your friends, celebrities, and @instagram so they can see this and so we can ACTUALLY plant 4 million trees.’

So if you’d like more trees to be planted in the world, there is still a way you can do just that.