This travel hack could help you save over £1,000 on your family holiday this summer

It’s finally July and summer is in full swing. But if you’re yet to book this year’s family holiday, fear not. In fact, you might actually be in luck because it means you’ll have time to make use of this genius travel hack.

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It’s no secret that travelling during school holidays can leave our bank balance wounded. It’s peak time and naturally, everyone wants to make the most of their children’s time off meaning holiday prices are at an all time high. However, research by travel agency Travel Supermarket has revealed that there are indeed ways of getting around this, saving families up to £1,260 for a week’s holiday.

According to the experts, the trick is to take advantage of the different dates that schools break up in the North of England and Scotland. For example, schools in Leicestershire break up a week earlier than most schools in England finishing the term on Friday 13 July, meaning Leicestershire families could fly away on holiday that week for a much cheaper price as the demand is lower.

Similarly, the research suggested that families in Scotland could benefit the most as their school term ends for summer in June. This means they can depart for their getaway via England, using nearby airports such as Newcastle, to enjoy cheaper holiday prices before English schools break up on 21 July. Of course, this works both ways as holidaymakers in the North of England can make use of the fact that the new school year in Scotland starts on 20 August, meaning holiday demands there will be low. They can therefore book a holiday towards the end of summer flying out from Scotland, as schools in England don’t reopen until September.

Oh, and it gets better. Emma Coulthurst at TravelSupermarket told Prima that even if you don’t live in the North of England or Scotland, there are still ways to benefit from more affordable holidays this summer. ‘If you want to get the best value overseas’ escapes, our site pricing data shows that the first and last week of your child’s school holidays are normally when you can find the most affordable holidays’, she said. ‘Also, if you’re able to be flexible on when you go, compare different days in the week; the lowest-priced deals will often depart mid-week.’

Coulthurst also explains that families should pick destinations such as Sunny Beach in Bulgaria and the Algarve where holiday costs are lower this year.

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