3 of the biggest interior trends for 2018, according to Pinterest

Looking for ways to up your interiors game? We’re here to help. Whether you’re taking on a full renovation or simply sprucing up your home with some new summery additions, these latest trends, derived from surges of popularity on Pinterest, will give you all the inspiration you need.

Life-led style


Pinners are discovering new ways to bring the Swedish less-is-more Lagom lifestyle into their homes, to create a personalized space through simple, curated style that reflects their taste and experiences. ‘Texture mix-and-matching is switching things up on the runway and in the home, with wool, leather and fringe furniture all taking a turn,’ Pinterest say – you can layer them together, or use them separately for a single sensory-shifting pop.

Open closets, upcycled furniture (styling pieces you already have) and block prints are also other ways in which you can adopt Lagom into your interior.

Bold and flexible


‘Use bold hues and deeper colour palettes to add depth to interiors and draw attention to your favorite pieces,’ Pinterest advise.

Red, dark blue and hunter green are the colours of the moment according to their trend report, so keep that in mind when shopping for homeware. Mixed metals were also a highlight, while geometric tiles and geometric accent tables are hot right now, too.

For the (open) minded


The mindfulness hype has made its way into interior trends with many people looking for new places in their homes to escape and reflect, according to Pinterest – so much so that saves for mindfulness within the home decor category haven risen +248%.

‘Pinners everywhere are tearing out their walls to create more of that open-concept feel for easier socializing and a more airy vibe,’ the report states. ‘People are greening their homes more and more as plants turn more into pets. Interest in framed plants, tropical wallpaper and botanical prints is growing strong, with more and more people choosing to bring the great green outdoors inside.’

Concrete has also become a huge trend, with people pinning everything from cement tiles to concrete flooring.