1,000 of these £6.50 face masks are selling every 30 minutes

When a product has a waiting list of 9,000 people before it’s even launched, you know there’s some serious hype surrounding it – and the latest face mask to capture the attention of beauty fans across the nation appears to be living up to its reputation, with even more impressive sales now that it’s available in stores.

The pore-refining Egg Cream Mask from cult K-beauty brand Too Cool For School is giving new meaning to the phrase ‘egg on your face’, selling at a rate of 1,000 every 30 minutes, causing the brand to order extra stock to keep up with extraordinary demand.

too cool for school egg cream pore tightening mask
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As you might have deduced from the name, the mask, which is specifically designed for use on oily or blemish-prone skin, uses egg white to reduce the appearance of pores, and vinegar to clarify and reduce bacteria.

Although at first glance the ingredient list might sound more like the contents of your kitchen cupboard than a nourishing skincare treat, there are also more traditional inclusions, like witch hazel and glycerin, at play for a balanced, hydrating finish.

The single-use sheet mask is priced at £6.50, and according to customers at Cult Beauty, one of the first retailers to stock the line in the UK, it’s well worth every penny.

‘These masks contain lots and lots of product which is a really huge bonus for those of us wanting to show our neck/hands/decolletage a little extra TLC!’ wrote one five-star reviewer.

‘Definitely one of the better sheet masks that I’ve tried. Very hydrating and non-irritating (probably because unlike so many other sheet masks this one doesn’t contain tons of essential oils). Each time that I use it, my skin looks significantly clearer and brighter, and any hyper-pigmentation is significantly milder.’

too cool for school egg cream pore tightening maskToo Cool For School Egg Cream Mask, £6.50, Cult Beauty

‘I really like these because they hydrate so deeply,’ another agreed. ‘I used them after a mud mask or a scrub and my skin feels so lovely.’

The Too Cool For School Egg range, which also includes a selection of other egg-based masks for different skin types, is available from a number of other retailers, including larger Boots stores and boots.com, Lookfantastic, and Feelunique, to name just a few – so no matter where you like to top up your beauty supplies, it’s never been easier to add one to your basket.

And from the sounds of it, you definitely won’t be disappointed with your purchase…