Recipes from Together, the charity cookbook supported by Meghan Markle

In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, a group of local women gathered to cook fresh food or their families and neighbours. Over the chatter and aromas of the kitchen, they discovered the power of cooking and eating together to create connections, restore hope and normality, and provide a sense of home. And so the Hubb Community Kitchen began.

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Together is a new charity cookbook that showcases 50 delicious recipes from these women, originating from countries all over the world. With support from HRH The Duchess of Sussex, who has worked in the kitchen herself and written the foreword for the title, profit from the sales of the book will help the organisation to continue to strengthen communities with their cooking – and we’re delighted to preview three of these recipes here.

These dishes provide more than just a meal – they are a story, and one that deserved to be shared.

Green rice

Jenny Zarins

Recipe by Ahlam Saeid, from the Hubb Community Kitchen

‘I have a master’s degree in chemistry, but when I came to Britain from Iraq it wasn’t easy to combine that with family life, so now the kitchen is my laboratory. With the mixing, pouring and measuring, I feel like I am back in my old world. This is a version of a traditional dish, which I made up. It’s a good centrepiece because the colour is so striking.’


Coconut chicken curry

Recipe by Aysha Bora, from the Hubb Community Kitchen

Jenny Zarins

‘When I was growing up I hated cooking. My family is from India and preparing big meals
for the extended family was part of our culture, but I used to beg for any job other than
cooking. Then I got married and moved to Africa and suddenly everything changed – I began calling my mother and asking her for recipes. She told me: “Cooking for someone you love is what makes you a good cook.” This curry is a particular favourite of my family in Tanzania.’


Caramelised plum upside-down cake

Jenny Zarins

Recipe by Faiza Hayani Bellili, from the Hubb Community Kitchen

‘As soon as I heard about the Kitchen, I volunteered to help, cooking recipes from my
homeland, Algeria. This cake is one my Mum used to make. She always said plums are
an unreliable fruit – they can be quite sour when raw. This brings out the best in them.’


Recipes from Together – Our Community Cookbook Foreword by HRH The Duchess of Sussex (published by Ebury Press, 20th Sept, £9.99 hbk)