Toblerone has just launched a delicious crunchy almonds flavour

Hot on the heels of the very exciting recent news that Toblerone launched an orange-flavoured variety of everyone’s favourite triangular-shaped chocolate bar, the Swiss chocolate brand has unveiled yet another brand new flavour to tantalise our tastebuds with.

Toblerone pieces
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The Crunchy Almonds flavour sees the classic honey and almond nougat milk chocolate peppered with chunks of salted caramelised almonds for a full-on nutty, crunchy sensation. It sounds like a delicious winning combination to us and will surely be a hit with chocoholics everywhere.

With Christmas on the horizon (yes, two months away is the horizon), a new flavour couldn’t come at a better time – a Toblerone bar just screams ultimate stocking filler. And whether you share it or scoff it all yourself in one sitting, we won’t be judging how you enjoy yours.

Toblerone Crunchy Almonds

Toblerone Milk with Crunchy Almonds Chocolate Bar, £3.50, Asda

While the zesty Orange Twist Toblerone is exclusive to Tesco, the Crunchy Almonds variety is available only at Asda. And, at £3.50 a bar, it’s cheaper than its zesty counterpart, which goes for £5 a bar at Tesco.

Nancy Moore, Junior Brand Manager for Toblerone has said: ‘We are very excited to share the Toblerone Orange Twist and Toblerone Crunchy Almonds with chocolate fans in the UK. We are always experimenting and looking for innovative ways to reinvent our bars. We can’t wait for people to try the two new flavours for themselves and let us know what they think.’

It was only in August that we were treated to the Orange Twist Toblerone, which saw gingery candied orange peel sprinkled throughout the smooth Swiss chocolate we all know and love.

These both come on the back of a slew of new chocolatey inventions of late, including chocolate orange CornettosTerry’s White Chocolate Oranges and Lindt’s first ever foray into vegan chocolate made with oat milk.