TikTok time-saving hacks to free up your life

We’ve all been there, pressing snooze on our alarm in the morning and having to frantically rush to get out of the door on time. The #gettingready hashtag has an incredible 644M views on TikTok and is brimming with hacks on how to save time, helping you cut corners so you can maximise much-needed sleep time.

New research shared with YOU by Vera Clinic has revealed the most popular time-saving hacks on TikTok, so here are our top tips to save time when getting ready in the mornings.

Best time-saving hacks

Easy breakfast

Being the most popular hashtag of them all with over 320M views, it’s no wonder so many of us are looking for ways to enjoy a nutritious breakfast before we rush out for the day. The hashtag is filled with quick and easy breakfast inspiration – including the genius overnight Weetabix craze – for those of us who are just too busy to spend time in the kitchen before we head off to work or the school run.


this trend rekindled my love for weetabix 👅 #breakfast #healthy #overnightweetabix #fyp

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Prepare the night before

Take the stress off your shoulders by getting ahead before you go to bed, reducing the amount you have to do first thing in the morning. With over 132M hashtag views, handy TikTok tips range from ensuring your kitchen is clean and ready for use, to getting food out of the freezer ready for your dinner when get home.

Meal prepping

We’re all guilty of popping to the supermarket or local cafe on our lunch break when we haven’t had the time or ingredients to knock up a lunch at home. To save money and time while making sure you eat well, use the TikTok hashtag #mealprep for inspiration and get into the habit of batch cooking your food – it can really help you out in the long term.

5-minute makeup 

timesaving hacks

Before we rush out of the door, the last thing we have time to do is spend half an hour perfecting our makeup! With over 15.3M views on TikTok from those looking to speed up the process, the hashtag is brimming with tips on how to achieve a stunning makeup look that doesn’t compromise your time in bed. No-makeup makeup looks are all the rage this year anyway, achieving that healthy glow which is perfect for summer so you can head out of the door ready to face the day.

Quick hairstyles

Similarly to the above, 11.2M of us are looking for cute hairstyles which we can pull together in a rush. Whether you’re bored of the same old style, are trying to add some volume to your hair before hair wash day or just want to jazz up a plain outfit, a simple hairstyle can transform your look, just like the banana bun. The TikTok hashtag is brimming with inspiration for all hair types, perfect for achieving an effortless look without having to rely on heat, after all, healthy hair is happy hair!

Rope curls

Rope curls took TikTok by storm last year, being viewed almost 3M times. By using your dressing gown tie over the top of your head, wrap your damp hair around and secure at the end before heading to sleep. When you wake up, unwrap to find salon quality curls that are ready to impress, looking like you’ve spent hours getting ready in the morning without even having to lift a finger!


Finally!! here’s my full tutorial for the heatless curls ♡ you’ll find a detailed explanation and all of my tips #heatlesscurls #overnightcurls #hairtutorial #noheatcurls #hairtutorials #curlswithoutheating #hairtok #curlyhairtutorial #bathrobecurls #beautyhacks

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Prep your outfit

There’s nothing worse than getting home to see the contents of your wardrobe flung across your bed or floor from when you were trying to pick out an outfit in the morning! By setting out your outfit the night before you’ll save time and stress in the morning. With 1.4M TikTok views, inspire your day to day outfits by seeing how others style themselves, making use of those pieces in your wardrobe that you’ve forgotten about. Need some inspiration? Check out our pick of the best new-ins at Zara.

Daily checklists

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Who doesn’t love a list? Especially when you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the amount you have to do tomorrow, writing it down on paper and prioritising can instantly take a weight off your shoulders. As well as helping you manage your time, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching as you cross off all of the jobs, seeing your productivity first hand. If you don’t know where to start, the hashtag has 1.4M TikTok views so get some first-hand inspiration in a flash.