This TikTok ice cube tray hack will change the way you make ice forevermore 

With the hot weather looking set to continue, it’s essential to stay hydrated in order to keep your body cool and healthy. And as now is peak season for including plenty of ice in your beverage (whether it’s water, a coffee or a cocktail), you’ll likely want to keep your freezer stocked with filled ice cube trays. 

Ice cube tray
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If that’s the case, a new ice cube tray hack born from TikTok is here to make the whole process run a little smoother. You see, many of us are likely used to filling our ice cube trays directly from the tap, which seems like the most efficient way, but can cause a bit of a mess and splashing galore. If you always end up with wet surfaces and even clothing after prepping your ice, there’s something you may want to know. 

A TikTok video by @brianmaster1987 has revealed an easier way to do things. Instead of using the tap to directly fill each little pod, you can angle the water to run onto the line that goes down the middle for evenly distributed water on both sides. Pretty genius, huh? The technique works especially well if you run the tap super gently, so there’s less splashing on the whole. 


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While the TikTok ice cube tray hack may seem like an incredibly simple tip, it sounds as though many people were unaware of the hack from the comments section. One user wrote: ‘Oh man. I’m 33 and I had no clue.’ 


Others shared their own top tips for filling their trays in a faff-free nature; one suggested filling up a cup first and pouring the water from that instead, while several others believed the best way is to continue to fill just one square and let the water from the overspill flow over into each pod. 

If all else fails, buying a big bag of ice or even investing in a fridge with an ice dispenser could be worth avoiding the extra fuss!