This easy hack for creating a flicky blow-dry at home has gone viral

Is there anything better than that feeling of leaving the hair salon after an appointment, and catching sight of your gorgeous new tresses in every shop and car window you pass?

Unfortunately for fans of the flicky, voluminous blow-dry, it can be hard to recreate at home, no matter how many fancy tools and expensive lotions you invest in.

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Luckily, one hairdresser – who goes by the name of @yazblends on TikTok – has shared a very easy hack for recreating the ‘flippy’ blow-dry look on long hair at home, and it’s been such as hit that her video has gone viral, with over eight millions views and thousands of comments.

The trick she shares is actually very straightforward. All you need to do is split the hair into two sections down the middle, twist each section away from your face, and then blow-dry the twist using a hot setting for a couple of minutes, before leaving to cool and then shaking out.

‘Wow, this looks similar to the Dyson Air Wrap but doesn’t cost $600’ commented one follower. Even professional hairdresser Paul Mitchell, who is famed for his excellent line of hair products, was impressed by the hack, saying ‘Oh this is good’.

You can watch the video here:


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But does it work?

We tried it…

Sophie Hines, Digital Editor

Unless I’m in the hands of a professional hair stylist, my hair stubbornly refuses to curl, wave or even hold a few flicks for more than five minutes. I’ve bought countless hair tools in the quest for a bouncy blow-dry look at home, but they’ve always been too fiddly or time-consuming to use, so I was very excited to see this simple hack online.

The crucial thing to note is that you shouldn’t try this process on wet hair – it will take far too long to get the twists dry. I washed my hair, added Living Proof Smooth Blowout Concentrate, then waited until it was about 95% dry before creating the sections, which I  blow-dried for a couple of minutes each (you could also try the hack on completely dry hair, as the heat alone will still change the shape).

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I was actually pretty impressed with the results – considering how easy this is to do, it’s impactful, although admittedly it looks better on the super-long layers of the model in the video.

tiktok hair hack

My main concern is that the waves will fall out straight away – but our TikTok guru has followed up with a second video to address this problem. She suggests following up the hot blow-dry with blow-drying on the cold setting for a minute or so, in order to help the hair set into place. Another tip is to spritz a light hairspray on your hair before creating the twists, therefore providing extra hold. Noted!