There’s a major change being made to This Morning from next week onwards

Daytime TV favourites Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have been off living their best lives on their respective family holidays for the past few weeks, leaving a range of guest hosts to take over their gig on ITV’s This Morning.

In their absence, the show’s production team has announced a major change that will be put into effect as soon as Holly and Phil return from their seven week break on Monday 2nd September.

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As of next week, This Morning will kick off at the earlier time of 9:30am instead of its original time of 10:30am. It will then run until 12:30pm as usual, meaning we get an extra hour of the show as it replaces the slot previously scheduled for The Jeremy Kyle Show, which was cancelled by ITV earlier this year.

The show, which had been airing on the channel since 2005, was axed in May following the tragic death of guest Steve Dymond. Since then, the available 9.30am to 10:30am (in between Lorraine and This Morning) has been temporarily filled by Judge Rinder. But ITV has now confirmed a shift in schedule which pushes more ‘live events’ on weekdays with an extended slot for This Morning and an earlier start time for both Good Morning Britain and Lorraine.

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The Mirror reports that the network’s proposal for the update reads: ‘From crying with laughter at naughty pictures innocent kids have drawn to recalling personal funny and relatable anecdotes. Nothing is off limits as they talk about the stories and pictures of the day that have grabbed their attention.’

It continues: ‘The show would have more interaction between the end of each show and a smoother handover between presenters into the next show. e.g. Lorraine may chat with Phil and Holly to hand over each day.’

Now that’s something we can definitely get on board with. Bring it on!