This is how many seconds it takes your guests to judge your home

Whether you like to admit it or not, we’re all guilty of judging one another’s homes. Be it your best friend or a distant relative, it’s a natural thing and it turns out first impressions mean everything.

things guests will notice about your home
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New research has revealed that it takes guests just 38 seconds to make a judgement on your home, meaning we’re quick to make our minds up about the state of the place factoring in everything from the smell, the decor, the temperature and the amount of mess we see laying around the place. But what do we notice first?

38 seconds isn’t enough time to get a full view of someone’s home and make a fair assessment, but there a few things that we do instantly take in. According to the research, which was conducted by the Independent Network powered by VEKA, the first thing guests notice when they arrive in your home is the smell.

As reported by Red, this is then followed by the temperature of the house and whether it has been vacuumed or not.

things guests will notice about your home
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The top 10 things guests will notice about your home

  1. The smell
  2. The temperature
  3. Whether or not the house has been vacuumed
  4. How comfortable the furniture is
  5. If the washing up is done or not
  6. Dirty windows
  7. The books they own
  8. How well kept the furniture is
  9. Colour of the walls
  10. If the ornaments are dusty

The results were accumulated after the researchers spoke to 2,000 adults about how they form an opinion about someone’s home when visiting for the first time. As well as the above, they found that three in 10 wouldn’t tell their host what they really thought of their home.

Meanwhile, many explained that they felt pressure when hosting guests, with 86 per cent admitting that they give their home a big clean before having people come to visit.

A spokesman for the Independent Network, said: ‘Our homes are of course very personal to us and in many ways are a representation of our style. ‘So there is a sense when we have visitors over that we are leaving ourselves open to criticism and judgement. But people shouldn’t be apprehensive about what others may or may not think — ultimately it’s the opinion of the homeowners themselves which is most important.’