The five things guests really enjoy about weddings

While weddings are primarily about celebrating the loving commitment made between two people who have vowed to spend the rest of their lives together, most of the time they are also about gathering your loved ones and throwing a massive (and very expensive) party.

Let’s face it, everyone wants their wedding to be a memorable one, not only for themselves but for their guests too. One that’ll go down in history among their friends and family – so how exactly do you pull that off?

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Well, new research from American Express has revealed exactly which elements of a wedding guests enjoy the most, and their results may come as a surprise. Like us, you might think that people love attending weddings for the the free bar tabs and slap-up meals, but it turns out that what guests look forward to the most are the things that don’t cost a penny.

After asking a group of guests what they liked the most about weddings, the finance company found that knowing other guests (44%), good weather (42%) and how well they know the couple getting married (41%)  were the top three answers to what made a wedding great. Venue and catering were also included in the top five.

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When it came to the least enjoyable elements of a wedding, you won’t be stunned to hear that favours/goody bags (this was only described at 5% important by guests) and all the dreaded speeches (10%  important) were least integral to their fun and enjoyment.

See the full lists below:

The 5 most enjoyable elements of a wedding

1. Knowing other guests (described as important by 44% of survey participants)
2. Good weather (42%)
3. How well they know the bride/groom (41%)
4. The venue (38%)
5. The catering (37%)

The 5 least enjoyable elements of a wedding…

1. Favours/goody bags (described as important by 5% of survey participants)
2. The speeches (10%)
3. Being able to bring children (10%)
4. Being able to bring a plus one (13%)
5. Meeting new people (13%)

The research by Amex also found that 59% of couples planning their wedding thoughtfully take steps to reduce the cost of attending for their guests. One in three said they chose a venue close to their family and friends to reduce travel expenses, while just over one in five said they deliberately organised a relatively cheap stag or hen party.

With the average cost of a wedding in the UK at a whopping £30,000, we don’t blame them for cutting costs where they can.