These are the most popular garden trends among millennials

Since lockdown, gardening has become an increasingly popular pastime for people of all ages, but especially millennials. With the trend for house plants and indoor greenery already a hot interiors trend before, being stuck inside our homes for months on end only made us crave nature even more. And so with not a lot else on the agenda, many of us have become green-fingered and found ourselves a new hobby in the shape of gardening.

woman gardening
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It’s no surprise, given the wealth of benefits that can be gained from gardening – it’s therapeutic, it gets you outside and the finished result can bring a huge sense of achievement. And in fact, according to a survey by, nearly half (49 per cent) of millennials would now call gardening one of their hobbies and an even greater 60 per cent said it’s something they enjoy doing. Meanwhile, 62 per cent agreed that their garden, balcony or outdoor space has been vital to their wellbeing during the pandemic.

The best part is, while a huge garden to go wild in is great, a small patch of grass or even just a balcony can be sufficient for starting your own outdoor living space – you just have to get a bit creative.

garden barbecue
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While many millennials were once happy to reside themselves to a lifetime of urban living in apartments and high rises, lockdown has made us reconsider our priorities and now dream of owning the perfect garden.

But what popular garden trends and features are we all lusting after the most? found that a barbecue or outdoor cooking space is the number one feature millennials would consider investing in the most, with 41 per cent saying their dream garden would include such a feature. With staying in and entertaining at home on the rise, it’s no wonder we’re looking for inventive ways to host our guests.

outdoor lighting garden
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Keeping along the same trend of entertaining at home, outdoor lighting is the second most popular feature of dream gardens, with 38 per cent of those surveyed choosing it. And millennials are a generation of true dreamers it seems, as a swimming pool was the third most popular garden feature.

Outdoor furniture took fourth place and a hot tub was chosen by 34 per cent, putting the luxury garden item at number 5 of millennials’ dream garden features.