The world’s favourite Spice Girl has been revealed

On the 19 September, it will have been 25 years since the Spice Girls launched their own particular brand of Girl Power and, to celebrate, Twitter has revealed which of the bandmembers is the favourite on their social media platform. In what is inevitably a controversial call, Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, has clinched the No1 spot.

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The research, provided by SlotsOnlineCanada, showed that Posh had the highest influx of positive Tweets over the past decade. The analysis involved pulling together Tweets that mentioned any Spice Girl over the last decade, and assigning a positivity sentiment score to each, to see who proved most popular.

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This is probably not a particular surprise as Victoria Beckham is also the bandmember with the highest profile. She has won praise from fans for her successful transition into the fashion industry, the creation of her eponymous brand, her famous friends, appearances at New York Fashion Week, not to mention her successful marriage to David Beckham and social media appearances with her family.

At the other end of the scale, Geri Halliwell – who famously left the band in 1998 – and Emma Bunton were at the bottom in terms of popularity, but this may be partly due to the fact that they have both stepped away from the limelight since the Spice Girls disbanded.

the spice girls reunion
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The world’s favourite Spice Girl in order of most to least popular:

1 – Victoria Beckham

2 – Melanie C

3 – Melanie B

4 – Geri Halliwell

5 – Emma Bunton

Gayle Mitchell, Senior Editor at SlotsOnlineCanada commented: ‘It’s interesting to see that the appetite is definitely there for upcoming band reunions, such as another Spice Girls tour, and also encouraging to see that general reception around each member is positive – even if Victoria Beckham has taken the top spot.’