This high street store has the most in demand garden range

As the weather heats up for a summer of relaxed lockdown restrictions, sales of garden furniture have skyrocketed. It’s not surprising – since holidays abroad are looking less and less likely, we’re itching to make the best of the outside space we do have, as that’s likely the only place we’ll be soaking up any rays any time soon.

But where has the best garden furniture for the best value? While you might be inclined to shop around on some of the more high-end furniture brands’ websites (where a lot of it is already sold out anyway), bargain lovers will be pleased to know there are plenty of high street stores with huge (and much less expensive) garden ranges.

garden furniture
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So the home insurance experts at were keen to find out which of the high street stores has the most popular garden range of all. By estimating how much organic search traffic each brand has received to their online garden page between the first day of spring (20 March) and the beginning of June, it was easy for them to see where shoppers are snapping up the most in-demand garden furniture and accessories.

Taking first place is The Range, with an estimated 7,699,590 site visits since the beginning of spring. Considering the sheer volume of well-priced garden furniture and accessories currently in stock on The Range’s website – from patio furniture to outdoor lighting – this is not surprising news.

While Dunelm came in with the second most popular garden range and Wickes third, there were some surprises in the top 10 list, such as IKEA coming in 10th – despite being one of the go-to places for indoor furniture, the Swedish brand’s garden range doesn’t appear to live up to the same hype.

The full top 10 list of the most in-demand high street garden ranges is as follows:

  1. The Range (7,699,590)
  2. Dunelm (4,954,004)
  3. Wickes (4,539,456)
  4. Wilko (4,119,620)
  5. Homebase (3,973,810)
  6. Aldi (2,988,648)
  7. B&Q (1,485,179)
  8. Argos (735,799)
  9. Tesco (330,609)
  10. IKEA (76,932)

Top 5 pieces from The Range’s garden range:

garden furniture set
The Range

3PC Rattan Garden Patio Furniture Set With Cover – Grey, £489.99, The Range

The Range

La Hacienda Perforated Steel Fireplace, £114.99, The Range

rattan bistro set
The Range

Rattan Garden Chairs and Table Set – Brown, £229.99, The Range

gazebo awning
The Range

3 x 3 Meters Metal Wall Gazebo Awning – Cream White, £199.99, The Range

outdoor lighting
The Range

Solar Spiral Lantern Light, £5.99, The Range