These are the essentials that the Queen never travels without

The Queen often travels for her job, and it makes sense that she likes to bring some home comforts with her on the road. In fact, rumour has it that she’s a big fan of afternoon tea and will only drink one certain tea while on the go – and this is just one of the smaller elements of her travel kit.

Speaking during the Channel 5 documentary, Secrets Of The Royal Flight, Royal Correspondent Emily Andrews revealed what the Queen likes to eat and drink while flying and beyond during her trips.

The Queen travel
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‘She loves afternoon tea,’ explained Andrews. ‘It’s her favourite meal and she only drinks earl grey. So if you were the chef on board the royal plane you would definitely make sure that you had an entire supply of earl grey. Not just for the plane journey but wherever you were going on tour.’

To go with her tea, the Queen enjoys a selection of sandwiches, but prefers certain fillings, including ‘egg and cress sandwiches cut in particular ways and for supper.’ However she ‘always liked to start with smoked salmon’. Naturally.

Another insider also explained that the Queen prefers to stick to one type of cold beverage, too. Former royal spokesperson Dickie Arbiter added: ‘The only thing the Queen requests to have wherever she is is Malvern water. She likes Malvern water, it’s refreshing and they usually take lots of it with her.’

The Queen travel
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According to The Independent, Queen Elizabeth also has a plan for if she ever encounters jet lag; she takes homeopathic medicines and barley sugar, and also stocks up on Cyclax All Day Firming Lotion to keep her skin nourished.

Perhaps more surprisingly, she always travels with a doctor who carries a supply of blood in case she ever needs it in case of emergency. As well as a doctor, The Telegraph explains that she will typically travel with around 34 people in her entourage when taking a major royal tour, from security guards to ladies in waiting.