The Queen aced this specialist subject during a game of Pointless

Do you love a good quiz show? Well it turns out the Queen does too, especially if that show is BBC’s Pointless. In fact, it has been revealed that she’s quite the pro at it.

Her majesty recently paid her annual visit to to Sandringham Women’s Institute, where she was welcomed by Alexander Armstrong, host of the hit show before rolling her sleeves up for a live game of Pointless.

The Queen Pointless game
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According to Alexander, the Queen is the show’s ‘most distinguished viewer’ and certainly showed as she actually won the game as captain for her team after scoring three out of the five matches. But that wasn’t all.

Not only did she win, she showed of some pretty advanced knowledge when it came to one particular subject. In an interview on Good Morning Britain, Alexander revealed: ‘She got one spot on. The category was owls and I said, “How many people do you think said snowy owl?”

‘They were going to go for 10 people of 100 and she said, “No, I think 12” and she got it spot on. She knows her owls, and not just owls, it doesn’t stop there.’

Alexander Armstrong
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Alexander then explained to hosts Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway how the game came about in the first place and the surreal feeling of meeting the Queen, saying: ‘I was invited to the WI… Tiny village hall in the middle of the countryside, 35 people in the audience, one of them who just happens to be The Queen. It was like one of those dreams…

‘As part of my talk, at the end… I split them into two teams and we played a little Pointless. She was brilliant, really good. It was extraordinary.’

Now that’s what we call talent. And if we ever meet the Queen, we know exactly what topic of conversation to bring up.