The release date for Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon’s TV series is here

Friends fans, we’ve got some very exciting news. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, who were first seen acting alongside each other as sisters in the legendary 90s sitcom, will be reunited on the small screen as they co-star in upcoming TV series, The Morning Show.

The Morning Show Jennifer Aniston
Apple TV

The exciting new ‘dramedy’ is an Apple Original Series and was first announced back in September 2017. Since then, there has been plenty of buzz around it – namely because of its star studded cast made up of Aniston, Witherspoon (who also act as executive producers on the show) and Steve Carrell.

But unlike in Friends, where Witherspoon was a guest star, The Morning Show will see the two women play the biggest names in US breakfast TV. Here’s everything you need to know before it airs (and as the release date has now been confirmed, you don’t have long to wait…)

What is it about?

The series, which has been commissioned for two seasons (a total of 20 episodes) by Apple TV, is based on journalist Brian Stelter’s book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV.

Not much has been given away in terms of the ins and outs of the plot. However, Apple did release a short sneak peak teaser which was shared by the cast on social media and did give us a bit of an insight.

The clip shows a behind-the-scenes camera pointing at the empty studios of the fictional morning show before panning through the hallways, dressing rooms and control rooms before it eventually stops on the ‘anchor’ desk. We then hear the voices of Witherspoon,  Aniston and Carell overlapping one another as we get a glimpse of the first of of dialogue – the three are arguing about their personal philosophies about the importance of TV news.

‘Don’t you ever question my integrity,’ says Aniston. ‘We are doing this my way.’

Apple TV

‘I feel like the people are screaming for an honest conversation,’  shouts Carell in response. ‘I’m just here to deliver the news to America. That’s all I ever wanted to do,’ adds Witherspoon. ‘I think they want to know the person behind the anchor. They want to trust that the person who is telling them the truth about the world is an honest person.’

And for now, that’s all we get.

Who are the cast?

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As well as the three leads (Aniston, Witherspoon and Carrell), the show’s supporting cast is made up of Black Mirror‘s ‘San Junipero’ star Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Informer‘s Bel Powley, Big Mouth actor Mark Duplass and Gypsy‘s Billy Crudup.

When will it air?

The first season of The Morning Show will be released on the Apple TV app on 1 November 2019.