The A-list’s favourite storage solution brand just launched in John Lewis

There’s been a noticeable trend as of late for raiding the fridges and pantries of famous people. We’re no longer asking celebrities to see inside their wardrobes; instead, we’re all excited about their food storage. And luckily, many of the world’s most recognisable faces have been obliging lately, with social media making it a whole lot easier.

Recently, we’ve seen inside the homes of plenty of the world’s famous women: Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Katy Perry, to name just a few. And what fans were most excited about on both occasions was the storage. Katy Perry’s beautifully laid out bathroom storage featured toilet rolls and other bathroom essentials in perspex boxes, while Kim and Khloe chose to organise their food stuffs in similar containers.

It now transpires that both women’s go-to brand for storage and organisation is none other than The Home Edit. The Home Edit provide excellently designed storage options, which are both clever and chic to look at.

Luckily, The Home Edit has just launched an exclusive line of products into the UK market at John Lewis, along with iDesign. So if you fancy getting a Katy Perry-worthy bathroom or a Kardashian-style kitchen, the retailer may just help you realise your dream.

The collection consists of 19 items, most of which are handy perspex containers that can be used alone, or alongside more of the same or different items from the range. There are drawers, turn tables and tiered designs, for which the possibilities are truly endless.

The Home Edit & iDesign Divided Turntable Storage Container, £22, John Lewis

The Home Edit & iDesign Pantry Storage Canister, Small, £8, John Lewis

As well as the basics, the line also features things like useful stickers for the pantry to label food, as well as perspex hooks for hanging everything from towels to cook ware.

The Home Edit & iDesign Pantry Labels, Set of 36, £8, John Lewis

The Home Edit & iDesign S Hook, £4, John Lewis

The 19-piece collection is available online now, but be warned: many of the items have already completely sold out. Fingers crossed they all get re-stocked pronto, so we can complete our celebrity-worthy pantry of dreams.