The Duchess of Cambridge reveals the book that she and her daughter love

Whether you have kids or not, it’s been hard to miss World Book Day celebrations this week, with photos of fabulous costumes all over social media and children heading to school dressed as their favourite fictional characters.

What did the royal kids dress up as, we wonder? Well, the Duchess of Cambridge has said there’s a certain fictional Charlotte who is very popular in her household, as she shared a list of her favourite kids’ books.

Kate said that the book Charlotte’s Web is ‘loved in our house for obvious reasons’.

The tale, written by EB White, features a spider that shares its name with Princess Charlotte, six. Kate described it as ‘a charming story about friendship, loyalty and love’.

Another classic on the Duchess’s list was Stig of The Dump by Clive King. Kate said she ‘loved spending time outdoors, making dens, digging, discovering and making things out of odds and ends’ as a child.

‘Whether this was why my father recommended this book to me or whether this book inspired my imagination, I can’t remember, but I have never forgotten this brilliant book and the values it teaches,’ she said.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark by  Jill Tomlinson – which the Duchess recently read a version of for CBeebies – was also on the list. ‘I loved this book as a little girl and listening to my own children reading it has brought back so many wonderful memories’ Kate said.

The Duchess shared her recommendations on a new kids’ section of The Reading Room website, which was set up by the Duchess of Cornwall, an avid reader.