The Chic List: ‘The secret to a happy wardrobe’

I admit it – I’m a nightmare to share wardrobe space with. I’m extremely precious about my clothes and looking after them. I move things around constantly, always colour code, put neutrals with neutrals, dresses with dresses… It’s the sort of wardrobe etiquette that you either totally understand – or don’t.

In my hangout wearing a Nanushka skirt, By Malene Birger shirt and Manu Atelier shoes. Enter at your own risk!

I know some occasionally fly by the seat of their pants and hang two items on one hanger. Shriek! Sorry, but we could never be wardrobe friends. My jeans are all folded in pull-out shelves a certain way – first folded in half then carefully rolled. My shoes are wiped clean and knitwear de-fluffed with a lint roller before they go back in. I’m fussy about what hangers I use too (skinny copper ones from Zara) and everything from bags to sunglasses has a certain place on certain shelves. The regime may sound crazy to some.

But I can always find things at the drop of a hat and my wardrobe is my happy space.

To be fair, my husband isn’t bad – for a man. But I’d never share a wardrobe with him. His standards are just not mine. When we moved house a few years ago, I spent weeks designing my wardrobe space with a carpenter. A long section for dresses and coats. Pull-out shelves for shoes. Standing shelves for favourite bags. And nobody dares go in to the inner sanctum except me or a rare invited guest.

Here are my tips for a wardrobe detox…

1. Open the doors and give everything a sweeping glance. The freeloaders taking up space but not earning their keep will soon become apparent.

2. As a rule, if you haven’t worn it this season or last, then it’s charity-shop time.

3. Rehang your ‘yes’ pile and feel free to be nerdy. Firstly, colour code items – this may seem extreme but it saves time finding things. Further organise by garment types – all jackets together, all skirts together, etc.

4. Rolling your denims in a drawer rather than hanging every pair saves space.

5. Find strong skinny metal hangers (try which are supportive but don’t take up much room.

6. If you’re tight for space, find an alternative home for seasonal items. Vacuum packing is an efficient way to store knits and coats (try

7. Always clean shoes and boots before putting them back.

8. If you saved hard for something special, then leave it out for a while so you can admire it.

This little satin clutch from Zimmermann is the perfect accessory for evenings out.

Dress, £365,

Pack a punch in this striking orange maxi. Pair with flats or heels.

Boots, £190,

Team these cowboy boots with white dresses and bare legs.

Body £29.99,

This elegant draped body will work beautifully with trousers and long skirts.

Necklace, £315, Timeless Pearly,

Nautical and very nice!

Shirt, £59,

As a stripes addict, this is going straight in my shopping basket.

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