The Chic List: It’s your signature style – own it!

Buckle up with me this week and take off on an exciting journey of self-discovery – to find your signature style.

I always think that finding your own look is like finally meeting that lovely circle of friends you always want to be around. You know the ones. You can completely be yourself – tick. Talk honestly and openly – tick. And you don’t feel you have to perform like a clapping seal – tick. Unlike some people you meet (and I’ve met a few) or some outfits you wear (and I’ve worn a few) that make you wish you could spend the entire evening hiding in the loo.

With clothes – and people – you can’t like them all. And that’s perfectly fine. My favourite signature looks belong to John F Kennedy Jr’s wife Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Her style influence lives on two decades after her tragic death because she cracked the code of timelessness. Carolyn was a fan of black, off-the-shoulder evening gowns; she looked great in jeans, and kept everything else sleek and minimalist during the day. I’d still happily wear her outfits and accessories – especially her black Prada box bag.

Another signature look I love is the young Jane Birkin in flares and white T-shirt with a fabulous oversized market-sourced basket.

Just because you have a signature style doesn’t mean you’re putting limitations on what you can wear. It’s about unearthing what makes you feel most like yourself. This will in turn lead to getting the most out of every penny you invest in your wardrobe. Here’s how to perfect yours…

Trust your instincts and dress for yourself – not other people. Think about the favourite pieces in your wardrobe. Try them on and remember why they make you feel good. A pattern of what they have in common will emerge – the vital first thread of a signature look.

Experiment and explore Your signature style is as much about saying yes as it is about saying no, no, no. Try things on that are outside your comfort zone and see how they feel. You might surprise yourself.

Draw on things in your own world, such as countries you have travelled to, as an influence. Delve into films you love, stylish magazines and social media as a way of streamlining what you like.

Be an individual and, rather than copying somebody’s style, invent something unique about your own. Find an unusual piece of jewellery or an accessory – something that feels very you – and make it part of your daily look.

Chain pendant, £95,

Planning on layering this with my other necklaces.

Top, £145, Helmut Lang,

I wear this polo shirt with white jeans or a maxi skirt and oversized sunnies.

Skirt, £440, Jacquemus,

I make only a few investments in skirts every summer. This one stole my heart and goes perfectly with that polo shirt.

Blouse, £69.95,

This is waiting patiently in my closet for a trip to the beach.

Dress, £184, Mara Hoffman,

I love Mara Hoffman’s linen creations.

Bag, £29.99,

This wooden beaded tote will add interest to summer dresses.

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