The Chic List: ‘Big bags, soft knits… hello autumn!’

I’m not going to pretend I’m thrilled that the balmy joys of summer are almost over. And that autumn is already peeping in our windows. I’m definitely more of a summer person and always a little forlorn when it comes to its abrupt end. But, as a cheery-souled friend once said to me in her soft Tipperary brogue: ‘Sure, Joanne, isn’t it just great to be alive?’

Make mine a mocha: dress and light knit, both by Max Mara Leisure

And after all the testing months we’ve recently endured, it’s definitely with this sentiment that I’m diving head-first into a new fashion season. For me, September, not January, is the month when personal renewal and reinvention takes place.

So here are my plans – the things I’m looking forward to, the pieces I’m coveting and some tips for your brand new unblotted September copybook…

  • Decide from the moment the new school term begins what sort of style maven you want to be. I’m continuing my resolution of buying less but investing in a few special pieces to mix in with my hard-working seasonal basics. I’m more of a minimalist dresser these days, but that’s not to say the right dramatic pieces won’t turn my head.
  • We can think about wrapping ourselves in soft coats again – and for me the search for the perfect camel one is never complete. Max Mara and Joseph are my hero brands for designer coats. Cos is my high-street favourite for cashmere.
  • To prevent mistake buys, start a Pinterest board of new-season looks you love, read your favourite magazines to brush up on trends and make a list of what’s catching your eye. An outline of your new autumn self will start to emerge.
  • I’m planning on adding delicious coffee tones to the blacks and charcoals in my wardrobe.
  • I’ll be offsetting these with chunky gold jewellery – thankfully the allure of these accessories isn’t going away. H With the return of autumn comes the joy of the swingy handbag. I’m delighted that bigger is better this season. I’m looking forward to carrying the kitchen sink around with me once again – all in the name of fashion
  • Tweed is back and I’m on board – if I can make it look sleek with blacks and chunky boots.
  • Black and white combinations are all the rage and this chic mix is so easy to wear.
  • Moon boots, headscarves and glamorous sparkling blacks will also all be there for experimenting with.

Dress, £225, Max Mara Leisure,

Layer with knits or blazers.

Earrings, £155, Rosantica,

Add effortless glamour with this pearl chain style.

Top, £59,

Such a chic polo to add polish to skirts or trousers.

Trousers, £69,

Team with black cashmere or a white top.

Scarf, £29.95,

Use this to style with autumnal browns.

Skirt, £255, Batsheva,

Patchwork is another new-season trend. Wear now with sandals and later with boots.

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