This anti-ageing serum from The Body Shop sells every 23 seconds

Anti-ageing serums have been a a huge phenomenon in the world of skincare for a while now, but one brand in particular seem to be nailing it.

The Body Shop’s Drops Of Youth Concentrate has risen in popularity, with FEMAIL reporting that one bottle of the product is now being sold every 23 seconds. But what is it that makes it so special?

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Well for starters, the serum promises to moisturise the skin and lift any prominent wrinkles, thanks to its extracts of Brazlian Babassu Oil and Beech Bud. The former is the product’s key ingredient and is said to be utterly hydrating, while the latter works to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and protect against harsh environmental factors.

Meanwhile other ingredients such as Irish Moss Powder are used in the gel-like serum to buff away any dead skin cells.

‘Target the first signs of ageing with our youth-enhancing concentrate,’ say The Body Shop. ‘This refreshing gel-like serum is infused with three plant stem cells, and leaves skin feeling instantly smoother and replenished with moisture. Skin unveils a healthy luminousity and a youthful bounce.’

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate
The Body Shop

Drops of Youth Concentrate, £26, The Body Shop

According to The Body Shop, the product is 100% vegan and 99% of the ingredients used are natural. Best of all, however, is the accessible price. Most serums (as well as other skincare products) usually come with a hefty price tag – but customers can get their hands on the Drops Of Youth Concentrate for just £26.

The serum should be applied once in the morning and once in the evening. In an interview with FEMAIL, Dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook emphasised the importance of serums, explaining that they can work wonders when included as part of your everyday beauty regime.

‘Serums are concentrated but lightweight and they usually contain significant percentages of active ingredients which are best when sitting closest to your skin,’ she said. ‘Apply after your cleanser and before any oils or moisturisers so that the ingredients can be absorbed and not diluted.’